Retro Console Unit

Good Day!

 I do ADORE a good console cabinet....seriously!! You just don't see them much anymore! Perfect for little crafts storage, kids coloring stuff, books, or Wine & Spirits, the sky is really is the limit! I LOVE mine in my entrance, in my hallway, or any little wall with a mirror above it.....SO many ideas with them!

This little darling I received from the sweetest little lady whom was throwing it in the garbage! GASP, Ava Blake Creations to the rescue!

I actually did a post on this console already...see 'Vintage Upright Console Cabinet' to read more of the story! 
It did take a  little trip, then came back to me. I felt that it scooped up some bad Karma along the way...... so I gave it new energy and repainted it!
FYI, this was my very first painting job with van Gogh Fossil Paint.
Here was the original paint job!

I repainted it.....well, just the outside of it, but decided it needed more......

Seriously?? Who doesn't LOVE a good retro vibe!? WAH-LAH! I found it's match!
I painted this console van Gogh Fossil Paint Mascara Black, and did the front with Chalk White. I projected the Retro Folks onto the front then hand painted them in! These fantastic images are from Graphics Fairy!

 Check out the Dolly and the Big Daddy! Like Don't Have A Cow but isn't it just so Hip now?!

Here it was the night of my Open House....Rad right?!

This one was Made In The Shade!



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