Saturday, 28 January 2012

Exquisite Vintage Bottles

OK, So I started off making my first French Dream Wine Jug, ( see post French Wine Jug) and what a beauty it turned out to be! I felt SO very excited that I thought I could make some more. It so happens that I found a clear Wine Jug on a local swap and buy website and picked it up the next day.
I tried a different technique with this one.
I printed an image of some Early Italian Ephemera, and a French Vintage Label from Graphics Fairy onto tissue paper.
After carefully cutting the tissue paper to the precise piece I used Mod Podge Glue to glue it onto a piece of Cotton Canvas, I tried it before and since my Iron-on Transfer didn't want to work today I thought I'd give this a shot.
I then time wore the edges with some bronze paint and I pulled the strings a bit to make it look like it's been around for at least 77 years!

Tutto ciò è magnifico e, translated means, All Done, and it is Magnificent! Goosebumps....again!

I also have about 7 various Vintage Brown Bottles from different Farms I've visited, and they totally needed the French Beautification..... Here are the first 3....The big bottle has the Vintage French label on it and the 2 smaller ones have Vintage French Soap Labels on them.

  Jaw dropping right?! Well mine did anyways!

These are the some of the bottles in a grouping I have in my landing, with an Antique Mirror.

 Here are the bottles in a grouping in my entrance...G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S (in a singing voice)

Just Exquisite!!

Giddy with anticipation for the next project.....

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Vintage Weathervane Table

For the love of all my gracious friends whom keep donating old furniture to me, THANK YOU, I am blessed to keep on Creating!

 This little lovely is a 1959 coffee table, can you imagine a coffee table this small now days? Looking Time Worn....just perfect!

Sunday, 22 January 2012

French Wine Jug

I grabbed this Wine Jug in a thrift store in Canmore Alberta this past Fall. I thought it was "Unique" looking and we all know how I LOVE things that are Unique, (Que in Stick Pics..)

  I knew that I wanted some kind of French label on it. I found some French Soap Labels, and some French Perfume Labels that were both Stunning but I felt that they didn't match the jar quite right. Then after about 3 months, finally, I found this French Ticket on Graphics Fairy website. Of course it was perfect looking, but I just had to rough it up, my style!!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Shabby Chic Pegboard

Hey Everybody,
SO, I've attempted a Pegboard before (Smith Makeover, White with Black Damask) and it was harder then I thought, but it turned out Gorgeous!
This time I wanted to make a cork back Pegboard. This is how I created it....

I already had the 16x20 Canvas....YES..... I also buy them every time they are on sale, therefore creating quite a stockpile! I had the Fabric as well. I just stapled the fabric to the canvas!

I bought 2 pieces of Cork Board from the Dollar Store that I cut to fit, and glued to the back of the canvas with hot glue gun....super didn't need a picture for that?!

I layed out and cut, according to the "eye" some ribbon, then hot glued it to burns..YEAH....and thank goodness my eyes are straight!! 

Luckily I had a frame that I had found at a garage sale but haven't used yet, and I had already painted it, I hot glue gunned the Canvas into the frame...

A few of my favorite Buttons and Voila....The Finished Product......STUNNING!

A closer view

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Vintage Scroll Tray

Mermaids, Fairies And Swans, Oh My!

I had this old tray, by old I mean, 6 years ago I bought a Candle Tray at the store Bowring.
I came across it in a box while rummaging about in my storage room. I knew I could give it a facelift.

I went to my Favourite site Graphis Fairy and found this Gorgeous Antique Printer Ornament and knew it was perfect for the tray! I printed it on tissue paper and Mod Podge Glued it to the tray. GOREGOUSSSSS!

I placed it on my coffee table as a small display tray.....very nice....

I then tried it at my front door as a Key Tray.......

 WOW, Beautiful Tray to see as you enter a home!

I decided it needed some Shabby touches to it........MUCH Better!

Keep On Creating On...

Monday, 9 January 2012

Welcome 2012

Welcome Back and Happy Happy New Year. I had the most Relaxing, Enjoyable Holiday Ever! I hope you all had a great holiday too! I really enjoyed the time with my kids and visiting friends and family. I must have watched 10+ movies. I LOVE movies, it's kind of my down time and I don't get enough of it, so this was a great reviver!

As you can see, I managed to get quite a pile of awaiting projects stocked up...and YES, that is a Vintage Barn Door back there!

 WHEW, what a pile of FUN! I am already working on it!

I just wanted to pop in a give a Welcome 2012 to all my fans!

Super Love,

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Stick Pics Part 2

HAPPY NEW YEAR and Welcome Back! I hope you all had a great holiday!

Remember Stick Pictures #1? Here is another take on it....I did have some more wood hanging around, these ones were totally plain pieces, no name tags or anything, just Time Worn Pieces of Wood!

Talk about The Best Recycling EVER!

Here is the First, of the Three creations...