Sunday, 26 February 2012

Vintage Postcards On Canvas

It seems weekly that I have a new obsession....this week it is Vintage Postcards and Postage, I seriously cannot get enough of it!

Here is my latest creation...

For this one, I blew up this Vintage Cafe Stamp from Graphics Fairy to a 18x24 and printed it out on regular paper. I Mod Podged glued it to the Canvas, and gave it my Shabby Style.

I printed this Vintage Postcard out on tissue paper and again Mod Podged glued it to the canvas with my Shabby Style. 
Just look at that Fabulous Postcard, coffee stains and all!

And again same technique as above with this one...
I just LOVE the Stamps on this one!

All together now...Singing Voice AND Happy Dance!

  Looks SO Exquisite!
I can`t get enough of that Vintage Feel, as if these postcards are from your Grandmother to your Grandfather

Here are some more Vintage Postcards on a circa 1920 Window Frame. 

  Here is my favorite, a wall of Vintage Postcards.

 Simply Majestic I say!

Until the next creation becomes reality

Friday, 24 February 2012

Lethbridge Alberta Visiting

I was in Lethbridge Alberta Canada this past weekend, and happened to be at a Family Day Event at one of their parks right under their famous Train Bridge!

Looking Up!


Then we got to visit my cousin's Grandmother's Farm! Originally built in 1909!!! That's 103 years ago!
Here are some pictures from around the Farm. These were taken with my Blackberry Phone....I forgot My Camera!

I did get to bring home a 1909 House Door, some Vintage Shutters, Some Time Worn Wood and a 1909 Architectural Piece, Yipee!

Vintage Ford Fairlane

Time Worn Pallets, Gorgeous!

You gotta Love Vintage Cars!

 Farm Truck

Some Barns in the sunlight

My Little Man  feeding the Cows!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

How To Decorate A Vintage Window Frame

Here is a Circa 1920 Window Frame. I painted this one Black with White Shabby.

I often get asked "but what would I do with it?" when people see my undecorated Vintage Window Frames and I tell them, with pure excitement, because, the sky is the limit...."Decorate it any way you want!" but it's all about the vision and some people just don't have it! I've decided to make a post and show you how to decorate it as I see it in my mind......

This one is hung on the wall with just two Simple but Classy Vintage Postcard Canvas Art Pieces in it.

 This way I've got it again on the wall, with some Vintage Bird Canvas' hanging from it and a Tree Branch Vinyl behind it.

This one is in my stairwell beside an Antique Printers Drawer, with again, the Vintage Birds Canvas' and a little Jar hanging from it.
SO Unique.

This one is on the other bare wall of my stairwell, but filled with Vintage Postcards on Canvas. I use thumb tacks to hang them from, that way I can change them around with ease.
This would be a Rare Decoration Piece and a Crowd Pleaser for sure.

For this one, I added A Peacock Wreath at the top, which you could change out seasonally. I also added some picture frames on the sides and a poster board in the middle.Seriously the Sky is the Limit!

 I have posted this picture before but I will add it in again... This is a Vintage Window that I have in my living room, and I decorate it seasonally!

Happy Spring Decor

Christmas Delight!

With pure excitement until next time...

Friday, 17 February 2012

Vintage Seasonal Birds

 I love waking up in the Summer to the sounds of Birds singing! They are the Music Of Nature, so tranquil to me!

I found these Vintage Seasonal Bird images on Graphics Fairy and I Mod Podged them onto Canvas then gave them some of my Shabby Style!

SO Pretty!

Here I have them in a circa 1920 House Window Frame, with the Tree Branch Vinyl behind, what a perfect ensemble!

Have a Wonderful Day!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

99 Bottles, Count Them Down...

Just when I think I'm addicted to something, a new addiction arises! I can't get enough of decorating old bottles....for real! I have bottles and bottles lined up just waiting to be decorated. They make for Unique Decor.

Here are my 3 newest Creations...

This one I call Message In A Bottle. It's a Vintage Milk Bottle and the image on the front is a Vintage Perfume Label that reads " Poetry Of Flowers", from my go to site, Graphics Fairy. I used Mod Podge glue around the whole Bottle to give it a time worn feel. The Letter inside is Handwritten from Holland, and dated July 11, 1720.
GOOSEBUMPS Of Happiness!!!
1720?? what a dream to get my hands on this image!!

This is a close up of the bottle top and Vintage Letter.

Creation Number Two...

This is a Bottle I picked up from a local Thrift Store, I liked the shape of it, the top on it, and that fact that the rubber around the top is all Time Worn Cracked!
I added the Vintage Soap Label to coordinate with the Red Top, and I felt like it needed some red buttons inside for character!

Creation Number Three...

This Mercury Glass Bottle was part of my own collection but now that I'm addicted to Vintage Labels I felt it was time it needed one. The fitting Black Pharmacy Label is from Graphics Fairy. I added the plain chain for some more fanciness!

A close up View of the Vintage Pharmacy Label, and the chain. It's as if they were made for each other!

And finally an Eclectic Bottle Collection on display in my entrance.

See You Soon,

Jenny xo

Monday, 13 February 2012

Vintage Hollywood Regency French Cane Tub Chairs

What a title for these chairs! From what I could find these chairs come up as either French Cane Tub Chairs or French Hollywood Regency Chairs Mid Century.

I found these chairs, yes there are two,  in a Canmore Alberta Thrift Store, to my delight they were also on sale that day! Yipee!
They were actually in really great shape!

I painted them my favorite off white then made them pop with my Shabby Style.

Look at those details, so Pretty!

I tried to sew actual cushions for these chairs. You know? The half moon shape? The piping? The top, middle and bottom? YUP, normal looking cushion.
For whatever reason, and as creative as my mind is I just cannot get  it around sewing.
I'll break down my afternoon for you....I made the piping, not that hard, 3 hours of serious focus, which way to sew it, getting the top, middle and bottom to all match up, and sewing on a curve. Yeah almost complete and only a few "boo boo's" which will be on the back side anyways!
I pull it over the foam...OOPS, all my boo boo's were front and centre!! GRRR! Out with that idea and on to pulling and stapling! I used a cotton canvas for the seat cover as well as the pillows.

Here they are....

A little closer and from the top. Just Beautiful!!
Enter~Happy Dance~

Here is the pillow I made for least I can sew squares! I used an Iron-on Transfer to get the image on it. The image is from Graphics Fairy and it's actually a circa 1900 Label from a Cigar Box, and I thought it fit this chair perfectly!

Keep on Creating,
Jenny xo

Thursday, 9 February 2012

French Soap Label Tray

Another thrift store scoop, this cute little Glass Tray. As soon as I saw it I knew what I was going to do with it.

I picked out a gorgeous blue Vintage French Soap Label from Graphics Fairy and printed it out on tissue paper, then Mod Podge Glued it to the glass then sealed it again over top with the Mod Podge Glue.

I staged it three ways....

As a Soap Dish beside the ever relaxing bathtub...

As a cookie or cupcake Tray for tea time...

And finally, as a ring or jewellery holder.

The options are never-ending!

Super Love,

Monday, 6 February 2012

Design Tip......Wall Art

My Family builds and flips homes. We build a home, live in it for a year or two then sell it. This is how I've learned to decorate, and now, how I know how to design right off of the blue prints!

The hard part about flipping homes while living in them is keeping decor, paint and design neutral enough for resale. I was so sick of doing everything for resale that I felt like there was none of my personality in any of the homes!
As I was learning, home by home, I happened to go to a local Home & Garden Show and Colin and Justin from Home Heist were there. LOVE THEM!! I bought their book and got it personally signed, therefore I got to chat with them. I was so nervous, but they were SO fun I wanted to take them home with me! I asked Colin and Justin how could I throw my flair into a house but have it neutral enough for resale? Art Art Art is what they said. Throw all your favorite colors on some Canvas, use Fabric or Wallpaper in a frame,  it throws your own flair and personality into it but it leaves when you leave. That way people can still envision there stuff in the house. LIGHT BULB MOMENT!! Life altering for me actually, it opened up my design soul a little deeper.

I LOVE creating my own Wall Art, and one of my FAVORITE things to use is Fabric!
It's easy to coordinate, can be Tea Stained, or roughed up with paint, and it can be as big and as crazy as you want it to be!!

This piece I made with some Stunning French Fabric. I added some dry brushes of  bronze paint to the edges and in some various spots throughout the pattern to give it that Time Worn feel. Currently it's in my entrance.

This one is another piece I made with my favorite floral fabric. It's currently in my living room.

I tea stained this one and love how it turned out....aged to perfection!

Good Luck with your Creations...