Friday, 25 January 2013

Romantic Vintage Bottles

Hello, Hello! I hope everyone is well!

As you know I'm a sucker for vintage bottles. I simply adore recreating them. Here are my latest creations...

 I could not create these Brilliant Bottles without the perfect graphics from the amazing graphics fairy. Thanks Karen!

This old wine making jug is so Flirty now with this Vintage Woman on it holding cherries in her mouth with vintage handwriting on the background. I think the popping red hydrangea tops it off perfectly!

This little cutie was an Antique Apple Cider Jug, and now has a sweet Flora Fauna Cherub Label on it. MAGNIFIQUE!!

This old wine making jug never had it so good!  OH the Romance this one eludes...
I adore the vintage image on the front and the time worn looking canvas around the edges. Again, I think the flowers top it off perfectly!

 This old wine making jug has a Vintage Chocolate Ad, but the darling girl with her hat holding a bird nest is so delicious that I had to keep it!

 How chic is this one?? A Vintage French Perfume Ad turns this old wine making bottle into an dazzling addition to any room!

I hope you enjoyed my newest bottles, stay tuned as I'm always working on new creations!

Super Love,


Sunday, 20 January 2013

Apothecary Dresser

Hello Ava Blakers!! My creative juices are back and flowing, I just need more hours in a day....OR a chef, taxi driver, maid, and tutor then I can create all day long!!!

I received a call.... through co-workers, this couple heard that I repaint plain dressers into masterpieces!! *blushing* They had 2 dressers and a headboard....Could I do anything with them?? ~BACKFLIP- AIR TWIST~ WHAT???? Yes I sure could!!!

Here is one did have the original mirror as well but I broke it in the move, OOPS! It's almost good that the mirror broke because I always love the mirrors on the piece and I wouldn't have used it the way I did!

 Although it looks like it has 9 or 12 drawers it actually has only 6 drawers. Three long ones on the left and three shorter ones on the right. *Light Bulb Moment* Why don't I try to make it similar to an Apothecary unit?! YaYaYaYa! Away I went...

I had less then a quarter can of my Mascara Black VGFP, but I thought I could start anyways....FINISHED the unit and had a tiny bit of paint left!!!! YES, it's that good!! As it was drying I distressed the edges, some back to the brown-ish color and other parts right to the natural wood, but making it look like it was more drawers. I then used my vintage number graphic from Graphics Fairy and projected the numbers on and used a pure black acrylic paint to color them in. I bought some bronzed/black small apothecary like knobs from Home Depot and ~WooHoo~ I have a new apothecary like unit! 

I'm always excited to create but more excited that my paint makes it easier for me to do! ;)

Another view...

Looks Stupendous as a new TV Stand!!

Thank you for always tuning in...Keep It Sweet Parakeets!


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Monday, 14 January 2013

Trashy Trunk To Classy Chic


I had an amazing break over the holidays! I just tuned everything out, relaxed and enjoyed each moment!
I've got the itch to create now though....
Thank you for still tuning into my blog and Facebook page, always appreciated!

I am hording trunks a little bit right now....I have 2 in my own decor and have 3 to be recreated.....that's not to bad right?!

This one I found at an Antique Mall....I saw the potential right away!
Although it was rough looking, some teenager sharpie marked the whole thing, but I wasn't bothered by it!

The inside was perfectly time worn!

I knew exactly what I was going to do with this one.....

MUCH Better! That's exactly how I saw it in my head!! I love when that happens!

I repainted it Paris Grey with Chalk Paint, then projected the Vintage French Ad, (which I have been dying to use) whom I got off of the forever splendid Graphics Fairy. Then went over it with Mascara Black Van Gogh Fossil Paint, and rubbed/distressed it to look perfect!

Here is a picture from the top. It's SO CLASSY now!

Stay tuned...I have 3 more trunks to go!

Keep It Sweet, Parakeet!