Apothecary Dresser

Hello Ava Blakers!! My creative juices are back and flowing, I just need more hours in a day....OR a chef, taxi driver, maid, and tutor then I can create all day long!!!

I received a call.... through co-workers, this couple heard that I repaint plain dressers into masterpieces!! *blushing* They had 2 dressers and a headboard....Could I do anything with them?? ~BACKFLIP- AIR TWIST~ WHAT???? Yes I sure could!!!

Here is one beauty.....it did have the original mirror as well but I broke it in the move, OOPS! It's almost good that the mirror broke because I always love the mirrors on the piece and I wouldn't have used it the way I did!

 Although it looks like it has 9 or 12 drawers it actually has only 6 drawers. Three long ones on the left and three shorter ones on the right. *Light Bulb Moment* Why don't I try to make it similar to an Apothecary unit?! YaYaYaYa! Away I went...

I had less then a quarter can of my Mascara Black VGFP, but I thought I could start anyways....FINISHED the unit and had a tiny bit of paint left!!!! YES, it's that good!! As it was drying I distressed the edges, some back to the brown-ish color and other parts right to the natural wood, but making it look like it was more drawers. I then used my vintage number graphic from Graphics Fairy and projected the numbers on and used a pure black acrylic paint to color them in. I bought some bronzed/black small apothecary like knobs from Home Depot and ~WooHoo~ I have a new apothecary like unit! 

I'm always excited to create but more excited that my paint makes it easier for me to do! ;)

Another view...

Looks Stupendous as a new TV Stand!!

Thank you for always tuning in...Keep It Sweet Parakeets!


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