Romantic Vintage Bottles

Hello, Hello! I hope everyone is well!

As you know I'm a sucker for vintage bottles. I simply adore recreating them. Here are my latest creations...

 I could not create these Brilliant Bottles without the perfect graphics from the amazing graphics fairy. Thanks Karen!

This old wine making jug is so Flirty now with this Vintage Woman on it holding cherries in her mouth with vintage handwriting on the background. I think the popping red hydrangea tops it off perfectly!

This little cutie was an Antique Apple Cider Jug, and now has a sweet Flora Fauna Cherub Label on it. MAGNIFIQUE!!

This old wine making jug never had it so good!  OH the Romance this one eludes...
I adore the vintage image on the front and the time worn looking canvas around the edges. Again, I think the flowers top it off perfectly!

 This old wine making jug has a Vintage Chocolate Ad, but the darling girl with her hat holding a bird nest is so delicious that I had to keep it!

 How chic is this one?? A Vintage French Perfume Ad turns this old wine making bottle into an dazzling addition to any room!

I hope you enjoyed my newest bottles, stay tuned as I'm always working on new creations!

Super Love,



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