Trashy Trunk To Classy Chic


I had an amazing break over the holidays! I just tuned everything out, relaxed and enjoyed each moment!
I've got the itch to create now though....
Thank you for still tuning into my blog and Facebook page, always appreciated!

I am hording trunks a little bit right now....I have 2 in my own decor and have 3 to be recreated.....that's not to bad right?!

This one I found at an Antique Mall....I saw the potential right away!
Although it was rough looking, some teenager sharpie marked the whole thing, but I wasn't bothered by it!

The inside was perfectly time worn!

I knew exactly what I was going to do with this one.....

MUCH Better! That's exactly how I saw it in my head!! I love when that happens!

I repainted it Paris Grey with Chalk Paint, then projected the Vintage French Ad, (which I have been dying to use) whom I got off of the forever splendid Graphics Fairy. Then went over it with Mascara Black Van Gogh Fossil Paint, and rubbed/distressed it to look perfect!

Here is a picture from the top. It's SO CLASSY now!

Stay tuned...I have 3 more trunks to go!

Keep It Sweet, Parakeet!



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