Ballsy Retro Fun Bar Cabinet


There is a reason that I have this quote across the front of my blog...."Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.” -Mary Lou Cook.
 I like to take risks!! This is how I started doing graphics on furniture. I didn't see very many graphics on furniture around the Internet, let alone pure vintage graphics, and I just thought, "why not?" I've seen it done on glass, plates, canvas, and in picture frames to name just a few! So why not furniture? 
So I did it, and loved it, and will continue to do it!
 ~Happy Jig~

Well, today is a "why not?" cabinet makeover! PLUS...I was listening to alot of Pink, Motley Crue and Alabama Shakes while I was painting this piece, hence the feeling of being a little ballsy!!

Here is this sad little circa 1950's cabinet.....It could have been a nice craft corner organizer, or maybe it could have held your socks in cute baskets?

Nope, not once I laid eyes on it!
 ~WARNING~ There is what some people consider a swear word on this piece so watch out little eyes!

A super fun, popping, hilarious, party starter for sure new Cabinet!!!!
WOOOOHOOOO, how fun is this piece right?!
OK, so I painted it van Gogh, which is the name of this fabulous blue color by van Gogh Fossil Paint, and Mascara Black.
Again....I just knew the graphic I was going to use for this piece. Actually I lie, I knew it had to be retro. I printed off 7 images and just tried each one on the piece until I found the perfect match! All of my fantastic retro images are from my fairy godmother Karen, over at Graphics Fairy! 
THANKS Karen for always sharing!
I got the font from

I drew on the image via my 80's overhead projector and then hand painted it on. 
I HAD to write in her sign, "Drink Up Bitches"!!! I wanted this piece to be the star of any room! And "why not?"

Oh my aching back!! Good thing it didn't take very long! 

Here is a view showing more storage underneath.

With the original glass in it!
How fun.....Would you like an Alabama Slammer? Coming right up....HeeHee!

If you are not a drinker of liquor, It can also be a tea station! How fun would this be to have a retro themed tea party around??

 I've added all things needed for sipping tea with your pinky finger out...minus the cookies!
Loose leaf tea, agave, old school real sugar, tea cups, etc.

YAHOOO I hope you all start feeling ballsy and create a "why not?" piece!

Super Love,


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