Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Headboard to Vintage Motel Sign

Hello Ava Blakers!

This project was SO MUCH FUN!
I was in British Columbia a few weeks ago to get some training from thee Kathy van Gogh and Crew. I met some amazing people there! My friend at Cameo Boutique (Check her out if you are ever over on Vancouver Island, she also has a Facebook page) made her own color, it was a coral. I tweaked that color to be a more pink coral, and have been dying to try it out!

Here is another saved from the dump rescue. It's a Plain Jane vintage headboard.

Jumping up and down and clapping.....Here it is....

 I painted the whole thing in my Coral Color, VGFP then hand drew out the letters in the color "van Gogh" (retro blue) by van Gogh Fossil Paint. I then used a retro star stencil with the van Gogh color to really make it pop. Make sure you click directly on this picture to see it up close to get all the details!

Here is a closer view of some of the distressing! It looks AMAZING in person, the pictures don't do it justice at all!

Here is your picture to share on Facebook or Pin to your Pinterest Boards. You can find me on Pinterest at Ava Blake Creations.

I really had fun doing this project, I hope you get inspired to have some fun!

Super Love

Monday, 18 March 2013

Old English Hotel Trunk

Hello Hello, Happy Monday Everyone!

As you know I'm trunk addicted! I love renewing them.
This one is my girlfriends trunk, she wanted me to do a graphic on it!

She painted it VGFP color "van Gogh".....isn't it a fabulous color?? This is how it came to me!

Here is the new facelift....

 I used this AMAZING Old English Hotel Graphic from Graphics Fairy.

  I Shabby'd up all the details of the trunk to give it that time worn POP!

TeeHee I LOVE LOVE LOVE this transformation and I hope you do to!

Thanks for tuning in.


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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Fireplace Fossil Paint Re-do

Happy Day Everyone!

OK....I woke up this morning, walked out of my room, looked at my black hole, dated fireplace and thought "YUP, it's gotta go!" 

I dropped the kids off at school and before my coffee was drank I was repainting it! 
 Now, I'm going to write this like the artist I am, and all you fellow crafter/artsy fartsy people will TOTALLY get what I'm saying!
I painted all the tile and mantle vGFP Cashmere (cream-ish) but I realized that it was to blendy with my walls. 
So, I added some vGFP Chivalry (stunning grey) and I LOVED it, BUT it needed more grey so I did it again! It was like an aged stone look, Gorgeous!
 BUT.....still not right with my walls. SO, I did a really really light vGFP Revenge (black) dry brush over it all, and it picked up all the texture that I gave with the paint, and it darkened it.
 BUT....still just not right.....So I had tea and starred at it! I went to see a friend and came back and starred at it some more!
 Then, YUP....it needed to be more white....so I gave it a white wash, and another white wash, annnnnnd one more wash over. THEN, it was PERFECT!

 See how it turned out like an old river washed, sun blasted stone?? I LUV that!

I realized after it was done that I could have finished it on about 2 hours had I figured out that white would have looked best. HAHA , oh well just another day in the mind of a creative goddess!

Here is your picture to send to friends and pin to your Pinterest Boards!

I hope this inspires you to give your out dated fireplace a facelift! 

Super Love,


Monday, 11 March 2013

Vintage Postal Dresser

Hello Everyone, Happy Monday!

As it goes...I buy a dresser I like, then four more appear! I bought this old dresser off a local swap/buy website and that following week, my girlfriend was giving one away and so was another friend of mine! Too funny....Although you will never hear me complaining about this situation! It also happened with trunks! HaHa!
Anyways, here is the beauty that I bought...ewwww just look at those knobs...BUT can you see the potential??

I wanted to not only renew it but make it friggin fantastic.....

OK you totally clapped with excitement right?? ME TOOOO! 
I painted this dresser with the color Confidence(crazy good name right?) van Gogh Fossil Paint. I have to say it's the easiest paint to distress with, it has my heart! 

OK, back to details.... I then sanded it right back to the wood.  I cannot get enough of that time worn distressed look.... MWAH!

I added the Graphics Fairy Vintage Post Card on the front via my rockin 80's projector and changed the knobs to some bronzed, already distressed ones from Home Depot.

The sides of the mirror...

The top of the mirror...

I hope you enjoyed this beauteous dresser renewal. Please leave your comments, I  love to read them and always appreaciate the love!

Keep It Sweet Parakeet!

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