Fireplace Fossil Paint Re-do

Happy Day Everyone!

OK....I woke up this morning, walked out of my room, looked at my black hole, dated fireplace and thought "YUP, it's gotta go!" 

I dropped the kids off at school and before my coffee was drank I was repainting it! 
 Now, I'm going to write this like the artist I am, and all you fellow crafter/artsy fartsy people will TOTALLY get what I'm saying!
I painted all the tile and mantle vGFP Cashmere (cream-ish) but I realized that it was to blendy with my walls. 
So, I added some vGFP Chivalry (stunning grey) and I LOVED it, BUT it needed more grey so I did it again! It was like an aged stone look, Gorgeous!
 BUT.....still not right with my walls. SO, I did a really really light vGFP Revenge (black) dry brush over it all, and it picked up all the texture that I gave with the paint, and it darkened it.
 BUT....still just not right.....So I had tea and starred at it! I went to see a friend and came back and starred at it some more!
 Then, needed to be more I gave it a white wash, and another white wash, annnnnnd one more wash over. THEN, it was PERFECT!

 See how it turned out like an old river washed, sun blasted stone?? I LUV that!

I realized after it was done that I could have finished it on about 2 hours had I figured out that white would have looked best. HAHA , oh well just another day in the mind of a creative goddess!

Here is your picture to send to friends and pin to your Pinterest Boards!

I hope this inspires you to give your out dated fireplace a facelift! 

Super Love,



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