Doll Emporium Hutch

Hello Hello Everyone!

This was a custom piece and I was overjoyed to work on it!

 Like most people this couple bought this when they got married and now after so many years married and homes changing it just didn't fit with the tastes anymore but they couldn't just throw it away and in Alberta it's hard to sell these even for $150.00!

It was classic 1980's ish! Just look at those brass handles!!!

Enter jumping up and down excited Ava Blake Creations!

To start....I painted a light layer of van Gogh Fossil Paint Balsamic Brown and then covered the entire hutch in Cashmere, then I distressed it.

This paint distresses so easily that my kids, 18 & 12 yrs old helped me do it all....AND, with eager smiles on their faces!!!

The more I looked at it, the more the mirrors kept it in the 80's...
SO...I Mod Podged this pocket watch wrapping paper over the mirrors....YES wrapping paper!

Much Better!

Wrapping paper is such a light weight paper, it makes it so easy to work with! Go try it...

I also painted the inside Balsamic Brown.

My client's Father was in the navy when she was a child and had collected dolls from around the world for her. She wanted to have them displayed in this cabinet. I found the Doll Emporium Graphic and added it just to warm her heart!

I also used the Van Gogh Antiquing Glaze for that time worn feel and waxed the entire Hutch! I bought a bag full of Antique handles at a thrift store for $1.00, can you believe it ONE DOLLAR?? You can't even buy a chocolate bar for that!! I HAD to replace the handles to bring it right up to date!

My client was Completely Elated with how this turned out, as was I!

Please always try to renew your old pieces......most of the time they turn out better then anything you can buy these days!

Here is your picture to share with your friends and to pin to your Pinterest Boards.

Have a fantastic day and THANK YOU for tuning in!

Super Love,


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