Tuesday, 28 May 2013

1950's To 19Forever Elegant...

Happy Day to everyone!

 Seek and you shall find...and YES I did! I found this perfect little 1950's cabinet on Kijiji.

 I wanted to make it Oh So Elegant! So I did...

I painted the outside of the piece van Gogh Fossil Paint Muse. I painted the doors the forever loving Patina.

I then used the van Gogh Chalk Paint Collection Embossing Plaster over top of an elegant stencil, so that it was a bit raised up on the wood. THEN I used VGFP Collection Moon Glaze over the entire piece! BLING~O~RAMA.
The moon glaze is like a shiny subtle bling over top the entire piece!

I distressed back to the original wood giving it a bit of wear.....C'MON, I had too!

I painted the inside of the  cabinet Balsamic Brown for that milk chocolaty feel!

And here it is in it's FULL Elegance......On a farmers driveway!
 I thought it was a perfect little road for a picture!

I hope you enjoyed seeing this transformation!
Here is the before & after picture for your Pinterest Boards!

Super Love,


Monday, 27 May 2013

My " I Hit 100,000 views" Speech...

Be still my beating heart.....I've hit 100,000 views on my blog!!!
I'd like to thank my forever supportive family and my super amazing Husband  for letting me be crazy creative, my friends for always dropping off unwanted pieces of furniture at my place knowing I will create something amazing with it,  Kathy Van Gogh and her ENTIRE AWESOMENESS and support on this journey, 6 pump Non-Fat No Foam Chai Latte's because some days it's like a little piece of heaven in my mouth, Karen at Graphics Fairy for the inspiration, LL Kool J for still being eye candy(*DANG*) My loving fans/followers that constantly lift me up with their comments and support, Red Wine & Music in that order, and the stars for being just the right distance away that I have to be challenged to reach for them!
My heart is forever grateful on this creative journey and so much gratitude for the Gents & Gals who follow me!!

This was one of my very FIRST pieces I did with graphics..

A journey I never want to end!

One of my current pieces I'm working on...

One of my favourite quotes....

“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.” -Mary Lou Cook
Seriously the sky is the limit!



Tuesday, 21 May 2013

My Dresser Had A Baby...

YES you read that right.....My Vintage Postal Dresser had a baby!

I bought this cute little cabinet off of kijiji, it's solid Walnut! GAWD I LUV vintage furniture!

 I had a couple come into my shoppe and ask if I could make this little cutie look EXACTLY like this dresser of mine...

 Of course I can...

I painted it in Van Gogh Fossil Paint Confidence Blue **Stunning color alert** and distressed right back to the natural walnut. I did the exact postcard that I got from the ever fantastic Graphics Fairy on the front BUT....

I never do two pieces the same so for this one I added the postage mark on the top right corner!

For the pure fun of it.....here is the official Birth Announcement...

I hope you enjoyed this little post!
Keep It Sweet Parakeet!


Monday, 13 May 2013

Mothers Day Project at My Son's School

Happy ~a lil late~ Mother's Day to all the wonderful Mothers out there!

My son's grade 2 teacher at his school had come across my website....this site.....and asked me if I had any ideas for a Mothers Day gift.....YAHOOOO a school open to new ideas....YIPEEEE and I can help....I was over the moon excited to be a part of it!

They had the same gift for the past 6 years......GASP! 
As all you mom's know we adore any and all gifts our children make....but why not make is EXTRAORDINARY?!! I had ideas...

I met with my son's teacher and the other grade 2 teachers, and in about 10minutes we had a plan!
Myself along with 5 parent volunteers went to the school one Friday morning. We circulated 72 students in 3 separate classes and put them in groups of 5-6 per table. They painted one side of their plaque van Gogh Fossil/Chalk Paint Compassion Pink and then went and read books for a timed 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes the paint was completely DRY! OHYA, I said COMPLETELY dry!! This paint is THAT good!
I then had 72 circa 1900 images of a tea cup full of pansies that I got from Graphics Fairy Website. We Mod Podged the images onto the plaques and the kids each wrote Mom, Mommy, Mama or Mother on their plaques.

Here are 72 of them fully drying after we Mod Podged...

Here is the heart warming final project in my arms and in my heart on Mothers Day Morning...

The kids also wrote a poem for their Mom on the back of the plaque and the teacher stapled a pretty ribbon on top so we can hang it!

~A HUGE THANK YOU to Thee Kathy van Gogh of van Gogh Fossil/Chalk Paint Collection for generously donating the cans of paint to the school, my son's teacher for being so open to change and creativity, the moms who volunteered their time, Graphics Fairy for always having new images to play with, and of course to all the kids that so happily and lovingly created these gifts for their Mothers!~

I'm full of love & gratitude for being a part of this project. 
I'm always eager and willing to go into other schools to help get some new projects on the go! Send me an email for more info. info@avablakecreations.com


Thursday, 9 May 2013

Antique Bed TO Bench Fabulous-ness

Hello Everyone!

SOOOO, these Bed to Benches are popping up all over the Internet and Pinterest! 
I wanted to try it.....
I intervened a truck load of furniture on its way to the dump..I LOVE my friends!!! Good thing they thought..."maybe Jenny could do something with all this?" HELLLLLO, yes indeed!

Here is the headboard of the Antique Bed that was part of the truck load. The foot board is exactly the same.

Basically I handed it over to my husband and said I need this to be made into a bench! I'm blessed with a handy husband!! 
Here is how he started...
He cut the foot board exactly in half.

Here is how it look a little while later.
I cannot even give you a detailed description as to how and what he did with certain wood pieces, but it looks fabulous to me!!

and here is the first plank of the seat put on....


 TA DA.....I painted it van Gogh Fossil Paint Chivalry Grey and did a Chalk White Wash Over the entire piece. 
~Heart racing happiness~

A closer view of the paint job! Perfectly stone washed!

If you follow me and this blog you will know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE taking my newly created pieces out to the back roads, fields and ditches to take their showcase photos. Something about it amongst the natural landscapes for me, in essence captures a part of their journey and just makes for an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G photo! Seriously just look at that picture!!!!!
~Jumping Up & Down Clapping Hands~
and yes...I loaded this in my truck and was stopped on the side of a back road setting up in a field and taking the pictures. I only got strange looks once I started jumping up and down and clapping with excitement!!

A closer view of the stunning craftsmanship and paint job!

and the final shot for now...

I ADORE the final product. I want more antique beds now.....

What do you think?

Super Love,

I  linked this post up to the  The Funky Junk Interiors #186 Party

Monday, 6 May 2013

Corset Vanity

GOOOOOD Morning everyone,

THANK YOU to Scarlett for this beautiful Vintage Waterfall Vanity. From the moment I laid eyes on it I knew it was going to be gorgeous!

Here is how I received it....
It came with it's original huge circle mirror as well.
Divine right!?

I've been dying to use the van Gogh Fossil Paint Chivalry Grey and this was going be a perfect match!
 I hadn't started it yet when I got an email from a woman looking for a vanity, and she wanted it grey to boot! I LOVE it when everything falls into place just perfectly!

Here is what I did....
OH MY WORD....don't mind the terrible garage view in the mirror!

I did paint the entire piece in van Gogh Fossil Paint Chivalry Grey and then did a Chalk White wash over it.
Honestly it's like it just fell out of the arms of an angel!

My client had bought a white leather corset seat just to match this vanity. So I added what appears as a Antique French Corset Ad BUT it's actually an ad for "casement bolts for window hinge" from Graphics Fairy. It looks perfect anyways!

Another view...

I did a small detail over the knobs on the front. It's just so pretty as is!

What do you think?

Keep On Creating

Super Love