Antique Bed TO Bench Fabulous-ness

Hello Everyone!

SOOOO, these Bed to Benches are popping up all over the Internet and Pinterest! 
I wanted to try it.....
I intervened a truck load of furniture on its way to the dump..I LOVE my friends!!! Good thing they thought..."maybe Jenny could do something with all this?" HELLLLLO, yes indeed!

Here is the headboard of the Antique Bed that was part of the truck load. The foot board is exactly the same.

Basically I handed it over to my husband and said I need this to be made into a bench! I'm blessed with a handy husband!! 
Here is how he started...
He cut the foot board exactly in half.

Here is how it look a little while later.
I cannot even give you a detailed description as to how and what he did with certain wood pieces, but it looks fabulous to me!!

and here is the first plank of the seat put on....


 TA DA.....I painted it van Gogh Fossil Paint Chivalry Grey and did a Chalk White Wash Over the entire piece. 
~Heart racing happiness~

A closer view of the paint job! Perfectly stone washed!

If you follow me and this blog you will know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE taking my newly created pieces out to the back roads, fields and ditches to take their showcase photos. Something about it amongst the natural landscapes for me, in essence captures a part of their journey and just makes for an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G photo! Seriously just look at that picture!!!!!
~Jumping Up & Down Clapping Hands~
and yes...I loaded this in my truck and was stopped on the side of a back road setting up in a field and taking the pictures. I only got strange looks once I started jumping up and down and clapping with excitement!!

A closer view of the stunning craftsmanship and paint job!

and the final shot for now...

I ADORE the final product. I want more antique beds now.....

What do you think?

Super Love,

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