Mothers Day Project at My Son's School

Happy ~a lil late~ Mother's Day to all the wonderful Mothers out there!

My son's grade 2 teacher at his school had come across my website....this site.....and asked me if I had any ideas for a Mothers Day gift.....YAHOOOO a school open to new ideas....YIPEEEE and I can help....I was over the moon excited to be a part of it!

They had the same gift for the past 6 years......GASP! 
As all you mom's know we adore any and all gifts our children make....but why not make is EXTRAORDINARY?!! I had ideas...

I met with my son's teacher and the other grade 2 teachers, and in about 10minutes we had a plan!
Myself along with 5 parent volunteers went to the school one Friday morning. We circulated 72 students in 3 separate classes and put them in groups of 5-6 per table. They painted one side of their plaque van Gogh Fossil/Chalk Paint Compassion Pink and then went and read books for a timed 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes the paint was completely DRY! OHYA, I said COMPLETELY dry!! This paint is THAT good!
I then had 72 circa 1900 images of a tea cup full of pansies that I got from Graphics Fairy Website. We Mod Podged the images onto the plaques and the kids each wrote Mom, Mommy, Mama or Mother on their plaques.

Here are 72 of them fully drying after we Mod Podged...

Here is the heart warming final project in my arms and in my heart on Mothers Day Morning...

The kids also wrote a poem for their Mom on the back of the plaque and the teacher stapled a pretty ribbon on top so we can hang it!

~A HUGE THANK YOU to Thee Kathy van Gogh of van Gogh Fossil/Chalk Paint Collection for generously donating the cans of paint to the school, my son's teacher for being so open to change and creativity, the moms who volunteered their time, Graphics Fairy for always having new images to play with, and of course to all the kids that so happily and lovingly created these gifts for their Mothers!~

I'm full of love & gratitude for being a part of this project. 
I'm always eager and willing to go into other schools to help get some new projects on the go! Send me an email for more info.



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