1940's School Locker Makeover...

These MAGNIFICENT 1940's school lockers came across my local Kijiji and ~Cart wheels~ were brought home to me!! Can you even stand the excitement!!??!!

The story goes...These were the original school lockers in Nobleford Alberta in circa 1940's. Once the school upgraded these lockers went to the local curling club, and after years of service they then retired to Kijiji. The fellow I got them from said he wanted them in his basement but they just didn't work out......then fatefully came to me!
I got 3 sets of 3, so 9 in total.

 I van Gogh Fossil Painted them Chalk White, then dirty distressed them back to the original color, as if they have been through years of wear & tear!
Then I used this Clothing House Ad from The Graphics Fairy.
Crazy Cool right?!

  I thought it was a perfect fit being as I was going to use these lockers in my entrance way!

Here is the before & after picture together..

I have two more sets to makeover....stay tuned!

THANK YOU for tuning in!

Super Love,
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  3. School locker provides safe storage to the sports equipment, musical tools, and students' belongings. Because it is not possible to carry tech devices daily with them. To carry heavy luggage daily is not possible it leads to many serious issues like neck pain, back pain, etc. Giving Students a locker to store their things lighten their load and them able to concentrate on their studies.

  4. How did you blow up the font that large to use on such a large piece of furniture


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