Can You van Gogh Fossil/Chalk Paint Collection, Paint A Chair? YES You Can!

Did you know you can paint pretty much ANYTHING with van Gogh Fossil Paint Collection? There isn't much I haven't tried!

Here is a perfect chair I thought I would try painting the fabric on......whats the worst that can happen?!

I actually bought some fabric spray when I was down in the states....the can says it covers more then it actually works amazingly but I ran out before I could finish the chair!

Well why not try to van Gogh Fossil Paint Collection it?
YES I did...

Before I even put thought into it I had already started painting it!
Straight up van Gogh Fossil painted it! I didn't even water it down!

 I painted it van Gogh Fossil Paint, Coral Is The Moral. Crazy Beautiful I know!
I then put a stencil on the seat with Mascara Black.

It turned out AMAZING! It's not soft to touch but certainly works for a decorative entrance chair!

I also added a Coral Is The Moral stencil on the back.
I painted the outside of the chair van Gogh Fossil Paint  Patina!

Seriously Dazzling!

SO FANTASTIC that I used it in a photo shoot...
Photos courtesy of Charla Cuthbertson

So can you van Gogh Fossil Paint a fabric chair? YES you can!

This was a really fun project and I plan on doing more!

THANKS for tuning in!
Super Love,


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