The Vintage Whites Market~Oh YeahYeahYeah!

I've been broken in......on my U.S Vintage Market that is!!
If you love junking and creating and DIY-ing, then going to an American Vintage Market is on your bucket list!
Myself and two girlfriends literally decided a week ahead of time....more like, decided on a Thursday and left on a Friday to drive down to Montana and go to The Vintage Whites Market....A REAL live Vintage Market......WOOHOOO!

We arrived an hour before they opened.....just a tad excited....

Breakfast at the cutest little espresso shack....

OHYA I did it.....

about 20 minutes later.....lined up around the block!!

As we got in there was SO MUCH to see and grab that I literally didn't want to stop the 25seconds to take a picture....but I did manage these 3 shots!

Some of the AMAZING booths..... GOOSEBUMPS!

SERIOUSLY what to grab first and fast!!!

Just enough room for a Frisbee...

Perfect fit in my back seat.....

Wait....I see room for some picture frames up top....

WHAT??? I can see out my back window.....right through that little peep hole!

These 1930's seats out of a theater in Missoula Montana.....FOR REAL....cast iron sides....pinch me I'm dreaming.....

AND...these wooden Angel Wings.....TOTALLY a piece of heaven!

I got SO many more cool, amazing, and vintage Christmas morning!

This Vintage Market was a little dream come true for was everything eclectic that I've dreamt about all these years and all in one spot.....AND I was THERE!
I CANNOT wait for the next one!!

Keep On Rockin Vintage Whites Market Girls!
Ava Blake Creations


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