Thursday, 26 September 2013

Remember Me??

Ava Blakers I have not been lost....wandering? YES, but not lost!
I have been a busy bee....I went to another Vintage Market in Missoula MT. It was AWESOME!
I'm going to be a vendor in a Country Antique Market this Saturday Sept 28th, and I have been creating like a mad woman to get pieces ready for it!

Here is where I will be this Saturday Sept. 28th, 2013 in Okotoks Alberta Canada

Wanna sneak peek??

OK, here you go...

This beauty will be there. 

I got this RETRO COOL vibe going on lately....I created hand and all.....

 OOOH and these UBER cool signs on real wood...I just free handed them as well!!

I made this little desk set...I'll save the details for another post. 
This will be at the Market!

 this not the CUTEST, most FUN gift bag EVER??
I would totally LOVE to get some wine in one of these?!

Hand Stamped!

THANKS for looking!
I will post some pictures from the Market and other pieces I've been working on!

Create On My Friends!

Super Love

Monday, 9 September 2013

3 Little Ol' Farm Trunks

I went to a farm auction.....Oh YaYaYa! 
One day this will be my job...traveling around to various farms and vintage markets collecting all kinds of antiquities to recreate with! AHHHH dare to dream....
Anyways enough day dreaming!

This auction happened to be a tool/machine auction BUT in one corner of ONE shop was 3 trunks, and some crates!! YUP I waited.....and in the meantime I collected more and more stuff....but that's for another post!

I wanted to do each trunk in a different I did....

Ol' Blue Before....

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

New Bedroom Vibe ~Reclaimed Wood Elegance~

This post and creation have me seriously doing a Mega Happy Jig!!!

I saw these wood panels at The Shops At Station 8...the COOLEST shop in Columbia Falls Montana! They are possibly part of a fence or gate...either way I knew EXACTLY what I was going to do with them!

Can you see it??

I gave them a Chalk Paint White Wash With Van Gogh Chalk. Then I screwed in these BEAUTIFUL wrought iron candle holders. I added the glass looking bling hangers to the bottom of the candle holders for some extra panache!

 Here they are in the boudoir...

Looks like it's right out of a magazine!!!!

Fun Tip...
I took this picture myself....I found this perfect rock beside a river we were camping close to. The idea just popped into my head....instead of names I realized it's always going to be "me & you"! I spelled out the words with twigs!! ADORABLE? I know right!? Then I blew the picture up and put it in a fancy frame!

Just a little food for thought.....
Even after we build and flipped homes for the last 13 years, at year 8 I finally decorated MY bedroom! Why is it that we always leave our bedroom until last to decorate? My kids rooms were always done first, to make sure they were comfortable and had that place just for them to relax in.
Better late then never I guess! I wanted my bedroom to be a relaxing, calming place at the end of my crazy chaotic day! Like I mentioned earlier we've built, lived in and flipped 6 homes in the last 13 years, so I've tried many styles, but this current one I wanted simple yet full of character and always elegant. These vintage worn panels worked perfect!

Here was my boudoir from the house I last sold....Relaxing? YES indeed!

I hope this brings inspiration for you to make a calming space for yourself!