Monday, 9 September 2013

3 Little Ol' Farm Trunks

I went to a farm auction.....Oh YaYaYa! 
One day this will be my job...traveling around to various farms and vintage markets collecting all kinds of antiquities to recreate with! AHHHH dare to dream....
Anyways enough day dreaming!

This auction happened to be a tool/machine auction BUT in one corner of ONE shop was 3 trunks, and some crates!! YUP I waited.....and in the meantime I collected more and more stuff....but that's for another post!

I wanted to do each trunk in a different I did....

Ol' Blue Before....

I LOVE Nautical themes, so I ran with this one...

I painted this trunk van Gogh Cashmere, Starry Night and a splash of Coral Is The Moral. I then did a mix of natural and dark wax to seal it....WOOOHOOO
I added this cute Sail Club graphic that I think really adds to it.

Adding legs to a trunk was harder then I thought. I had to add this piece of wood to the bottom inside of the trunk for support...without it the trunk was just to wobbly! I LOVE the original pattern inside so I just sealed it with a shellac.

 Here is the Before & After for your Pinterest boards

2nd one

The Before...GREAT Bones I say!

I painted this one in van Gogh Lively Vintage Green with Cashmere and Mascara accents.
I added this FUN Vintage picture from Graphics Fairy  to the top of the trunk....

and this FUN picture, also from Graphics Fairy to the Cashmere inside....I LOVE the gal on the far right....the rest of the gals appear so sweet, laughing and having fun, then there's Miss "Say What? You are out of Martini Mix?" sassy pants on the seriously makes me laugh every time!! Click the picture to see it larger!

I LOVE the retro color...

The Before & After

And last but certainly not least...the final reveal...

Black Beauty Before...

I painted this one Chalk white and heavily distressed it back to the original black of the trunk...

...I then used our van Gogh Crackle on it in various directions and to finish off I used this Postage Mark Stencil from Muddaritaville Stencils.

I painted the inside Starry Night and added the little wreath and bee...awwww so sweet!

This one turned out to be my favorite and now sits in my living room corner with my 1800's trunk and turquoise Buddha...

The Before & After

Just a tad trunk addicted I'd say!!

Super Love


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