Remember Me??

Ava Blakers I have not been lost....wandering? YES, but not lost!
I have been a busy bee....I went to another Vintage Market in Missoula MT. It was AWESOME!
I'm going to be a vendor in a Country Antique Market this Saturday Sept 28th, and I have been creating like a mad woman to get pieces ready for it!

Here is where I will be this Saturday Sept. 28th, 2013 in Okotoks Alberta Canada

Wanna sneak peek??

OK, here you go...

This beauty will be there. 

I got this RETRO COOL vibe going on lately....I created hand and all.....

 OOOH and these UBER cool signs on real wood...I just free handed them as well!!

I made this little desk set...I'll save the details for another post. 
This will be at the Market!

 this not the CUTEST, most FUN gift bag EVER??
I would totally LOVE to get some wine in one of these?!

Hand Stamped!

THANKS for looking!
I will post some pictures from the Market and other pieces I've been working on!

Create On My Friends!

Super Love


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