Country Antique Market and More...

Hello Hello!
Geesh...sorry about the lack of blog posts...SO much has been happening...The Jenny train is going full speed and I'm trying to hang on!!

OK, first of all I was a vendor in a Country Antique Market WOOHOO. It was awesome, I LOVE meeting new people and some fans even came out just to meet me ~blushing~ 
I'm going to blog about it right now....
Secondly, I'm moving!! Now, usually I  build and flip..remember...lived in 7 homes in 12 years! Well this last one was a rental, and thank goodness we are finally moving on...we bought a home! It will do us for a year or so! LOL If you are a fellow flipper you know exactly what I mean!!
 And when I said the train is in full speed, I mean we are moving in 2 weeks!! BAH!
Thirdly...see I told you it's been crazy busy...My network of friends and fans has blessed me with 4 sets of lockers, 6 tables, 2 buffet & hutches, a book shelf, mirrors, beds, and MORE!!! GASP! Oh the creative ideas are exploding my brain right now!!!
 I feel totally grateful in between my craziness! 
So stay tuned for the many more blog posts about all these new adventures happening...

Lets chat about the market.....So I was a vendor in the ALL Through The House & Red Barn Mercantile Country and Antique Market in Okotoks, Alberta on September 28th 2013. It was my first time being there. It was AWESOME!

Where's Jenny?? Can you find me in my overflowing creative booth?? TeeHee

Here is another section of the's SO Pretty!
Almost everything in this picture SOLD that day! Whoop Whoop!

Another section...Annnnnd almost everything in this picture SOLD as well!

 Last shot....

I had SO much FUN! 
I had 2 girlfriends come out and help me with everything that day and I THANK them a kabillion times for their support!
I will be back again next year!

Have a fantastic day!

Super Love,


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