New Home With My Vintage Finds...Be Inspired...

I've Moved!!!!
 I bought a house....FIRST ever house that I didn't build!
I bought it 2 weeks ago and moved in this past weekend!! Good thing I've got this moving thing down to an art.
I'm never settled in a house until it's decorated and I can relax and drink my tea in peace!

SOOOOO, here is what I've got going on so far...
My Mantle...

The mantle is really a centre focal point to the main room and I love to make it a BEAUTIFUL statement!

My FAVORITE piece is the 1930's metal drive-in movie letters, they couldn't have aged any more perfect!

Here is my sofa table against my dining room wall....I call it my Mad Men Inspired bar area...
On the back wall is a vintage printers drawer filled with wine corks. The vintage typewriter is SO cute!!

Here is another little corner that I hung a vintage crib bottom to, then added the pretty peacock wreath and some little fairy quotes. 
THIS is really fantastic because I can decorate it seasonally or with my kids art!
Then I have the Antique desk...on the left... just missing the table top....but perfect for holding a basket on!

Who says you can't mix dirty old with brand spankin new?!

A closer View...

In the half bathroom on the main floor I hung these 2 vintage apple crates above the toilet, then added the beautiful uniquities to them! Crazy Gorgeous right??!!

A closer view...
Can you see the Antique Postcards? They are dated from 1903-1923!!!


I will keep you posted on the other rooms in the house....

Super Love,


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