Good Day Everyone!

Well who doesn't love a vintage vanity?? They are the epitome of girlishness!!
I found this one at a little store... She was a looker back in her day!

I van Gogh Fossil Painted her in cashmere, then I rolled on the van Gogh Luminous eyeshadow.....OOOOH the name right? It's like a champagne glaze. It's hard to see her shine in the pictures!
Then I added touches of Mascara black to the drawer sides and the vanity inside.

I had to add a little graphic...."you look lovely today" was so fitting!
What a great start to your day, reading that every morning!!

 This piece was different from my usual super distress....I just felt like she had to keep her simple elegance, but just a hint of an up-do!

This gal will be available at my Christmas Open House on December 5th, 2013.

THANKS for visiting!

Super Love,


  1. That was a Tri- Bond III piece. I am stunned you painted it! I have a side drawers (6) the other a door that you open to hang clothes. I would never paint it.


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