Sunken Treasure Bottles....German & French

I can't tell you how excited I am about these creations!!!!!!
I've always LOVED vintage bottles, I've been recreating them for about 4 years now!

In the van Gogh Fossil Paint line there is a number of AH-MAZING Furniture Make-up being this Ancient Crackle!
I've had it for a while now....sitting there on the shelf waving at me.....
Until Now....Drum Roll Please......

This my darlings, is my creation of a sunken French Bottle...

I decoupaged this french script onto the bottle, I then added the van Gogh Ancient Crackle to various places on the bottle. I used the van Gogh Antiquing Glaze with the plaster for that time worn feel, and finally, I added the cameo lady and the lost key to some twine and tied it on to the bottle.

Throwing flowers and skipping down the street....isn't is WICKED??!!

Sie sprechen Deutsch?
Well? Do you speak German?

 This sunken treasure bottle was found near Germany....

Vintage German book pages decoupaged on to this one, then I repeated the same steps as above!

Magnificent, I agree!!

Be inspired my inspired!

Super Love 


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