THEE Most Stunning Santa Vintage Window EVER!

Happiest Holiday Everyone!

This Vintage Santa makes my heart melt every time I look at him.....he has that reaction on a lot of people!!

I have a pile of vintage windows....lets just say I'm a tad addicted...OH the character they bring, and in SO many ways!!

Did you see my post on the Angelic Vintage Windows? Breathtaking!

Here is my Magnificent Santa in some 1930-1940's windows!

take a plain 'ol window


This window still has the original hardware on it...Whoop Whoop!

I also made some little 8x10 canvas pictures of his handsome-ness

AND...some vintage bottle creations of him! Honestly I can't get enough of him....

Obviously I couldn't have created this without the help of my graphics guy, THANK YOU Lee!
I'm not sure I will be able to sell these magnificent creations as I'm getting quite attached!!
What do you think??

Super Love


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