Monday, 30 December 2013

Ending Of 2013 And The Excitement Of 2014...

Well this is always an amazing time to reflect.....
What a year 2013 has been. 
For me it's actually been the most incredible year....almost in my entire life!!

I went on my first trip hubby, no kids. That has rarely happened! I went to Vancouver BC to do some training with Kathy van Gogh with intentions to teach classes in Calgary for another shop. 
It was the most fascinating, crazy creative lalapalooza 4 days of my life! I got to meet some new and talented people.
I came home and decided I'm ready for a new journey and to retail the paint! Within one month I was a running studio! From this point on Kathy van Gogh was a presence in my life. She has been a mother hen and I thank her for her ongoing encouragement and support. I didn't even know I had this much of a creative side in me....honestly! Without her I couldn't have nurtured it.
What a whirlwind from there.....and so Ava Blake Creations became a home based business!
I've taught 34+ students from April-December.
I've pushed myself to creative boundaries I didn't even know I had.
I started seeing a healer, an extraordinary woman. She has helped me in this life journey in ways I cannot even describe. I've never been so open and content. OH, it's been work, but as in life, everything is a process. With each day my heart becomes more open. I cannot thank her enough.
I've created over 100+ creations in this year alone!
I was featured on Graphics Fairy and various other blogs over 18 times this year. 
I was published in a local magazine. Airdrie Life, and with a 2 page layout! CLICK HERE to read the article.
I was published in an online magazine, Artisphere Online Click HERE to read the article.
My blog jumped up to 155,389 views from ALL over the world.
The Facebook page I started has almost 1000 likes on it. CLICK HERE to see my page. 
I was in some, and traveled to some Vintage Markets.
I have emailed, talked to and met amazing new people. I've also nurtured the amazing relationships that I already have.
My ripple has reached as far as Slovenia, Nepal, New Zealand and Many more places.
I've learned new carpentry skills, and used more power tools then I ever have. THANKS to my hubby!
I moved into a new home.
My kids had a healthy year.
ALL THIS in just one year....BACKFLIP EXCITING!!!!!!!

I feel like this is the tip of the iceberg for happiness in my life. I've just begun. I seriously get goosebumps with the thoughts of what's to come. I'm not joking when I say The Sky Is The Limit!!!
A HUGE THANK YOU to all of you Ava Blake Creations fans. You fuel me. Without you I couldn't grow and or feel the need to grow.
I'm excited to stay on this creative journey, and over the moon happy that you are all with me! 

I have a MAGNIFICENT Creation to reveal in the next few days, so stay tuned.

With a heart full of gratitude,

Jennifer Pyykonen
Ava Blake Creations

Friday, 20 December 2013

Magical Christmas At My House...

Hello Hello! I hope everyone is ready for Christmas and able to just enjoy the love of the season!? I LUV that!

I wanted to share with you the places I will be in, and things I will be surrounded by for this 2013 Holiday season....

Here is my Magical Mantle!

Too see more click the "read more" words...

Monday, 2 December 2013

Antler Bling-O-Rama, Yes We Did!!

WELLLL......In case you didn't know...I LOVE LOVE LOVE my company van Gogh Fossil Paint, I honestly don't ever feel like it's a job AND there isn't enough hours in a day for me to create!
Recently myself and my colleague Annie of Cougar Chic Decor got to "play" with some crushed glass crystals that will be available in the new year. 
Crushed glass is a stunning product, I have seen tons of things done with it and love them all.
BUT.....I wanted to be different.... What did my mind instantly go to?? Antlers!!! YES, animal antlers.....How crazy would that be? So crazy beautiful everyone will want a set!!!
Annie lives on a stunning mountain view acreage. We collected a pile of antlers, sipped our Chai tea lattes, and away we went!
Firstly, a new product we have in our van Gogh Fossil Paint line is our Furniture Frosting. It's a pearl finish of pure awesome-ness! I mean you can make ANYTHING pearl, AND various pearl colors...purple, orange, blue, oyster's like touching a mermaids tail!! BAH!

We painted our antlers with Fossil Paint, then pearled them....

Goosebumps right!

OHHH, we played with these in different  ways...
Table centrepiece...

 With flowers....

With candles on a coffee table....

Without candles, but added jewels....

On mirrored side tables, with candles....

On a Christmas decorated mantle...

The entire mantle...

In a Christmas Tree.....

Just being beautiful in a hutch....

SERIOUSLY....where can't these go?!

AND...for the grand finale...The Crystals....

We painted our antlers, pearled them AND then added the crushed glass crystals..... OH-MA-GAWD the excitement is killing me.....

 We mounted the antlers to a Fossil Painted cupboard door, added the flowers and finally hung more crystals on the antlers!!!!
SERIOUSLY, I'm SO ecstatic about these creations....they are SO crazy I'm in LOVE with them!!!

Here are some emerald painted, pearled ones...these ones are mounted onto a vintage frame and again more hanging crystals on them...

Here are the two together on my studio wall!!!


These antlers will be exclusively for sale at my Christmas Open House and at Cougar Chic Decor's Christmas Open House!

What do you think??

Super Love,