Ending Of 2013 And The Excitement Of 2014...

Well this is always an amazing time to reflect.....
What a year 2013 has been. 
For me it's actually been the most incredible year....almost in my entire life!!

I went on my first trip alone....no hubby, no kids. That has rarely happened! I went to Vancouver BC to do some training with Kathy van Gogh with intentions to teach classes in Calgary for another shop. 
It was the most fascinating, crazy creative lalapalooza 4 days of my life! I got to meet some new and talented people.
I came home and decided I'm ready for a new journey and to retail the paint! Within one month I was a running studio! From this point on Kathy van Gogh was a presence in my life. She has been a mother hen and I thank her for her ongoing encouragement and support. I didn't even know I had this much of a creative side in me....honestly! Without her I couldn't have nurtured it.
What a whirlwind from there.....and so Ava Blake Creations became a home based business!
I've taught 34+ students from April-December.
I've pushed myself to creative boundaries I didn't even know I had.
I started seeing a healer, an extraordinary woman. She has helped me in this life journey in ways I cannot even describe. I've never been so open and content. OH, it's been work, but as in life, everything is a process. With each day my heart becomes more open. I cannot thank her enough.
I've created over 100+ creations in this year alone!
I was featured on Graphics Fairy and various other blogs over 18 times this year. 
I was published in a local magazine. Airdrie Life, and with a 2 page layout! CLICK HERE to read the article.
I was published in an online magazine, Artisphere Online Click HERE to read the article.
My blog jumped up to 155,389 views from ALL over the world.
The Facebook page I started has almost 1000 likes on it. CLICK HERE to see my page. 
I was in some, and traveled to some Vintage Markets.
I have emailed, talked to and met amazing new people. I've also nurtured the amazing relationships that I already have.
My ripple has reached as far as Slovenia, Nepal, New Zealand and Many more places.
I've learned new carpentry skills, and used more power tools then I ever have. THANKS to my hubby!
I moved into a new home.
My kids had a healthy year.
ALL THIS in just one year....BACKFLIP EXCITING!!!!!!!

I feel like this is the tip of the iceberg for happiness in my life. I've just begun. I seriously get goosebumps with the thoughts of what's to come. I'm not joking when I say The Sky Is The Limit!!!
A HUGE THANK YOU to all of you Ava Blake Creations fans. You fuel me. Without you I couldn't grow and or feel the need to grow.
I'm excited to stay on this creative journey, and over the moon happy that you are all with me! 

I have a MAGNIFICENT Creation to reveal in the next few days, so stay tuned.

With a heart full of gratitude,

Jennifer Pyykonen
Ava Blake Creations


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