Magical Christmas At My House...

Hello Hello! I hope everyone is ready for Christmas and able to just enjoy the love of the season!? I LUV that!

I wanted to share with you the places I will be in, and things I will be surrounded by for this 2013 Holiday season....

Here is my Magical Mantle!

Too see more click the "read more" words...

Here is my Vintage Santa in his Magical Sleigh!

Here is my Tree.
 I LOVE white lights and the angel on top!
Here is a tiny section of my tree...

Here are some of my favorite little guys....I have various penguins scattered throughout the house!
So Sweet!

This is a traditional wooden made Santa from Sweden! SO old world I think! He resides on my dining room table currently!

Here is my vintage crib bottom on my wall and Christmas decorated!

These two will keep me busy....never mind the kids!

Magnus & Lulubelle

I went with the simple wrapping this year....kraft paper and sharpie drawn names in various fonts!


And as you can see my vintage crate is FULL of Wine....Stocked & Ready!! Whoop Whoop!

Sipping tea...MERRIEST CHRISTMAS & Mega Love from me...



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