Monday, 25 February 2013

Precious Cherub Dresser

Hello Hello!
Firstly I have to tell you that I'm uber proud of myself that I actually made my own blog header for my blog...I usually have a friend/computer guy who tries to do all that my creative brain wants to see, but that doesn't always work out! SO, after hours and 7 tries to get the pixels right, I DID it!! Now I can change it every week if I want to!! What do you think?

I'm starting to feel like I start all my posts with ......This one turned out Stunning!....But really did!

Another week of the full out ~ Hands Clapping, Giddy Jig~ for real!!

This dresser was another rescue from the dump! Through good old world of mouth.....imagine in this digital age that still happens...good old talking face to face!?! Anyways this couple heard that I rescued some dingy furniture and magically transformed it into pure beauty! YUP, that's me! So, I met with them and loaded up my truck grinning from ear to ear!

I notice everyone is looking for the super detailed looking vintage furniture. Personally, I LOVE all vintage but the plain looking ones always make for a better graphic! I knew this one was going to be amazing!

OH NO! I cannot find the before pic!! I do have a pic of the dresser that came with this one...

This dresser came as a set with a highboy and this one shown. I split them up, I recreated the one in the picture to my version of an Apothecary Dresser (see other post). 
The one I'm going to show you in this post looked EXACTLY the same as this one.....repainted in this terrible brown, brass knobs and pulls! Just plain 'ol plain....but a highboy style! Can you envision it?


OK, for this one I painted it van Gogh, which is the name of this color from van Gogh Fossil Paint Collection. I then gave it a VGFP Mascara Black watered down wash over. Then I sat on the garage floor for approx 2 hours tracing out this "Darling Engraved Cherub With Frame" graphic from my trusted Graphics Fairy Website
After I took a few days off to do other projects, I finally came back to this one. 
It took me 7.5 hours in total to paint just the graphic on this one....LOTS of detail as you can see!!! Once I was finished with the graphic I gave the whole dresser a VGFP Chalk White watered down wash over. I really wanted that old antique look. it turned out just as I wanted it to.
~HAPPY JIG, Backflip, AND Summersault~

Here is a picture of the wash...

 It's really hard to see in pictures, but you can kinda see the Grey-ish and then White wash, it looks way more blended in person! You get the idea!

Here is a pic of the Dresser from the side! Tee Hee this makes me seriously giddy with delight! I CANNOT get enough of these scroll-y type graphics!

Here are the glass knobs I chose for the dresser, I didn't want to hide a centimetre of this graphic!

I really hope you all enjoyed this one!'s one of my all time favorites!

Thanks for stopping by!

Super Love,

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Monday, 18 February 2013

Ballsy Retro Fun Bar Cabinet


There is a reason that I have this quote across the front of my blog...."Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.” -Mary Lou Cook.
 I like to take risks!! This is how I started doing graphics on furniture. I didn't see very many graphics on furniture around the Internet, let alone pure vintage graphics, and I just thought, "why not?" I've seen it done on glass, plates, canvas, and in picture frames to name just a few! So why not furniture? 
So I did it, and loved it, and will continue to do it!
 ~Happy Jig~

Well, today is a "why not?" cabinet makeover! PLUS...I was listening to alot of Pink, Motley Crue and Alabama Shakes while I was painting this piece, hence the feeling of being a little ballsy!!

Here is this sad little circa 1950's cabinet.....It could have been a nice craft corner organizer, or maybe it could have held your socks in cute baskets?

Monday, 11 February 2013

For The Love Of Crates

Hello Hello!!
I found these little crates at a thrift store...I literally dove for them.....I instantly knew they were going to be fabulous! Only in my mind was this like a lotto win, the rest of the people passing them by could care less!!

Here is how they looked in my head......

I wanted this one to look totally worn in! I have been wanting to use this graphic from Graphics Fairy and this was finally the perfect match!
I painted it Van Gogh Chalk Paint Chalk White and Dark Wax. I shabby'd it up and then painted the graphic in a black and the Cafe & Legumes in Van Gogh Chalk Paint Laundered Money Green! How Fabulous right??

These little cuties totally needed an update as well! I painted them VGFP Chalk White. The upright crate in the background I added a Vintage French Sirop Label to, again, from Graphics Fairy, and the front crate I just gave a Vintage Paris, the No.33 and some shabby love!
How Delightful!

I hope you enjoyed this charming project!

Super Love,