Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Wrapping Paper Bench

Hello Ava Blakers!
I've been benching a lot lately!! Get it....HAHAHA! Seriously I mean I've redone 4 benches recently! 
Here is one of them....I scooped this bench up off of kijiji! WHAT a score don't you think? I had already started the undercoat for distressing in this picture.


I painted the bench van Gogh Fossil Paint Mascara Black in certain spots then covered the entire bench in Chalk White. I distressed it back to the black in some spots and right to the wood in others. To finish I used the French Caffeine Beeswax and sealed it all in!!
~Air Kisses~

 I then Mod Podge glued this stunning wrapping paper....YES wrapping paper! I bought this one at Christmas time. It is Antique French Handwriting on worn brown paper.
I like how the Mod Podge makes it come a bit wrinkly....it only adds to the character of it all!

Here is the before & after picture....
Click to see it larger!

 I REALLY love how this one turned out....and now it's in my entrance! 
What do you think?
I LOVE hearing your comments.

Much Love,

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Monday, 22 April 2013

Doll Emporium Hutch

Hello Hello Everyone!

This was a custom piece and I was overjoyed to work on it!

 Like most people this couple bought this when they got married and now after so many years married and homes changing it just didn't fit with the tastes anymore but they couldn't just throw it away and in Alberta it's hard to sell these even for $150.00!

It was classic 1980's ish! Just look at those brass handles!!!

Enter jumping up and down excited Ava Blake Creations!

To start....I painted a light layer of van Gogh Fossil Paint Balsamic Brown and then covered the entire hutch in Cashmere, then I distressed it.

This paint distresses so easily that my kids, 18 & 12 yrs old helped me do it all....AND, with eager smiles on their faces!!!

The more I looked at it, the more the mirrors kept it in the 80's...
SO...I Mod Podged this pocket watch wrapping paper over the mirrors....YES wrapping paper!

Much Better!

Wrapping paper is such a light weight paper, it makes it so easy to work with! Go try it...

I also painted the inside Balsamic Brown.

My client's Father was in the navy when she was a child and had collected dolls from around the world for her. She wanted to have them displayed in this cabinet. I found the Doll Emporium Graphic and added it just to warm her heart!

I also used the Van Gogh Antiquing Glaze for that time worn feel and waxed the entire Hutch! I bought a bag full of Antique handles at a thrift store for $1.00, can you believe it ONE DOLLAR?? You can't even buy a chocolate bar for that!! I HAD to replace the handles to bring it right up to date!

My client was Completely Elated with how this turned out, as was I!

Please always try to renew your old pieces......most of the time they turn out better then anything you can buy these days!

Here is your picture to share with your friends and to pin to your Pinterest Boards.

Have a fantastic day and THANK YOU for tuning in!

Super Love,

Monday, 8 April 2013

Postcard Nesting Tables

GOOOOD Morning Everyone!

I bought these oak nesting tables off of my local sway/buy website, pretty plain looking right?

 You know how I love the plain pieces...they make for such great graphics!

I painted these tables van Gogh Fossil Paint Chivalry Grey....seriously amazing color!
I picked these 3 postcards from Graphics Fairy Website and painted them in a Revenge Black on the 3 tables. How spectacular would these be in any room?

 Here are the close-ups of the 3 tables. I'm such a sucker for Vintage Postage!

These are REAL postcards pre 1930!!


The handwriting alone is to die for!

LOVE LOVE LOVE how they turned out!

Have a wonderful day and as always, THANK you for tuning in!

Super Love,

Monday, 1 April 2013

Rustic Red Grain Trunk

Hello Everyone!

I have another Trunk Addiction story for you.......This is a terrible before picture but I again, was to excited to take a proper one! It was green and black, and this was my first coat of red.

Now....this one was really hard for me! A client of mine said she loved this trunk and wanted it red! WELL.....you know how you hear artists say pieces speak to them? Blues and Whites speak to me all the time and basically all other colors! Red...NOPE, not at all!!! So this trunk has been sitting around here since December 2012!! I moved it beside me in the garage, I gave it a coat of red....and there is sat, not speaking to me at all!!! I forced myself to work on it, I even consulted with 2 fellow artists!!!

Here is what I came up with for my idea of a Rustic Trunk...

I painted the Trunk van Gogh Fossil Paint Lipstick Red. Then I did a top coat of VGFP Serenity, which is a warm taupe-ish. It was showing up to be pink-ish tones once I distressed back to the Red, so I did a dry brush of VGFP Balsamic Brown over top of the entire thing. I chose this Vintage Grain Graphic from my trusted Graphics Fairy and did it on the front with VGFP Balsamic Brown. I then very lightly gave it a Revenge Black dry brush over the entire thing. MAN ALIVE.....this trunk really made me work!

This is the original  inside!!! Isn't it fabulous?!! I gave it a good scrub down and kept it in tact!

I was so nervous for my client to see it because it still, in the end didn't speak to me at all!
She LOVED it! WHEW!!!
This is about as Rustic Red as I think I'll ever go!

Thanks for tuning in!


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