1940's Flapper Girl Wardrobe

Sometimes certain pieces find you.....I mean me!
 I try not to go on Kijiji to often or I can easily turn into a bit of a hoarder! One fine day I was scrolling through to see if any piece would call me name, when suddenly I heard "JENNY, I've Been Waiting For You, Come And Get Me!" and low and behold I saw this STUNNING 1940's wardrobe.
With an excited GASP, I responded to the ad....It had over 700 views on it and the lady said I would be the 6th to view it.....I'm betting it will be gone by the time I get there.

 I heard it right....it was waiting for me!!!
It was in perfect condition, minus one hairline crack in the door...PFFT, no problem there.
 I was going to be the 2nd owner aside from the woman's family!!!! WHAT??? Her grandmother owned it, who then passed it to her mother,  then it came to this woman, who says "it's been sitting here, I don't know what to do with it!"
Even the mirror is perfect! I can tell this piece was loved!
My knees weakened a bit.....

Click

I knew EXACTLY what I was going to do with this piece from the minute I saw it.
When I carried it into my studio I chalk painted it with van Gogh Fossil paint then took the door off and started the graphic!
I chalk painted the front of this piece in van Gogh Fossil Paint Cashmere, and the outside in Revenge.

Back-Flip, Happy Jig Exciting right??
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Flapper Girl image!! I think it's SO PERFECT for this piece!

Close up of Miss Beautiful!
Once the graphic was done I used the van Gogh Furniture Makeup Luminous Eyeshadow Champagne Glaze and rolled it over the entire front of this piece....just a tad more pizazz!

And just when you thought this was thee most stunning piece you have ever seen......
I chalk painted the inside with van Gogh Fossil paint in Confidence. The name of the color is Confidence, can you see why!? I also painted the door with Revenge for a chalkboard finish so that everyday you can have a delightful message to read while getting ready for your day or see your kids daily art drawings.
This Piece was bought by a husband for his wife for Christmas hence the message "Beautiful Susan, Merriest Christmas!"

This is one of my most prized pieces that I've done!!

Here are the before & after pictures for your Pinterest boards!
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Crazy Beautiful Difference!!

I hope you enjoyed seeing this transformation.
Super Love,



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