German Book Pages Cabinet

I kinda have a weakness for Metal/Industrial things!!
I found this plain 'ol filing cabinet on a local swap/buy site.

I wanted it to be a TV stand....

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Do you speak German?

I have a vintage German book.....YES, I have all sorts of surprises in stock!!
I covered the front of the cabinet in the vintage German book pages...

 I chalk painted the outside with van Gogh Fossil Paint in Mascara.

The graphic is a name and address out of a circa 1900's German phone book. Wouldn't this look SMASHING as a storage unit or perhaps a cabinet to hold all the kids crafts in? 

By the way I own that vintage typewriter(on the right) and I had it sitting on my side table off of my dining little 8 yr old son is obsessed with it! He types on it daily and he says to me "MOM, this is like a letter writing MACHINE!" TeeHee kids are so funny!!

 After the graphic was done and it was all shabby'd up I used the van Gogh Table Top Shellac finish, just to make sure that when it's used as a TV stand it can hold up! 
NOW...wouldn't this look AWESOME in a teen room, media room or office??

What do you think?
 THANKS for tuning in!

 ich liebe dich....that means, I Love You In German!


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