LOVE-ly Trunk

This is a throwback to a few years my pre-Fossil/Chalk Paint days!

I did this little vintage cabinet in 2011 CLICK HERE TO SEE THE POST. I thought it would be SO beautiful to have a little piece that had the words "Love Is In The Air" on it, say, in the corner of your living room.... What a great reminder AND what a great conversation starter!

This brings me to a trunk that I currently have....

The inside is in mint condition....

I wanted it to look simple yet aged.....
I chalk painted this trunk with van Gogh Fossil Paint in Cashmere Cream, I then free hand drew on the " love is in the air" with a paint pen.
I sealed the trunk in with van Gogh Beeswax sealer and then used the VG Dark wax to give it that aged effect.

It's SO PRETTY, but simple and sweet!

Whenever I get a trunk and the inside is all in tact I leave it.....that was the pattern of the era the trunk came from and I like to preserve that. SO I sealed it in with van Gogh Shellac.

It's a fun retro diamond pattern....I'm pretty sure that I used to wear shirts with this pattern, and I have a girlfriend to confirm it...Janice?? HaHaha

It's amazing what a coat of paint can do!

What do you think??

Super Love,


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