Beach Baby Dresser...

THIS is post #2 from the sister from another mister....Remember? If not here is the link, Click Here

I had two dressers, both petite, antique and sweet. Sisters from another mister? YES, I think so!
Here she is when she left the prairies...Dried out & tired!

She couldn't get outta the prairies fast enough and she went straight to the ocean! She loves walking along the beach, and Pina Coladas. She is spiritual like her sister but needs that salty ocean air to survive! Just look at her....

She was beach washed with van Gogh Fossil Paint in van Gogh Blue and Chalk White.
She likes keeping it natural, hence her raw wood top with just a touch of antiquing glaze, and her wooden wheels....YES Antique wood wheels!
The wreath is a perfect fit for her petite frame!
The wreath graphic came from my most favorite spot on earth,  Graphics Fairy. I hand painted it!

Her hardware is stunning! I painted it to match her new look!

 LOVE when the pieces still have the original hardware!

Lets just admire that beachy wash......~SIGH with Delight~

Here is your before & after for your Pinterest Boards

What do you think?

Super Love,



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