French Architectural Dresser

Hello Hello,

I LOVE little dressers! The Antique dressers that were made smaller, you know the cute ones? Like this one....

SO SWEET! You can add any mirror or shelf to the top....

I actually have 2 little dressers in my possession! TeeHee. 
Sisters from another mister?! I'd say so. Stay tuned for the post on this dressers sister in the next week!

This sister is the more spiritual one, she loves to surround herself with whites and blues! She is still very fun and outgoing. She loves the prairies, White Wine and reading books!
She was chalk painted with van Gogh Fossil Paint in Chalk White then had a Chivalry Grey wash over
The graphic is from an old french architectural book that I own.
I hand drew it on!

Here is a close up of the grey wash....OOOOH so elegant, and stone looking! PERFECT for a French Architectural graphic!

Side view!

I Love this one! So Beautiful!
What do you think?

Super Love,


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