Retro Rotary Phones, van Gogh Style!


2 kickass posts in one day?
Uh, Ya...I'm THAT excited!!!

Let's clarify....there is nothing you can't use van Gogh Fossil Paint on AND with this color palette, you WANT to put it on EVERYTHING!!

I've done it again.....jumped head first out of the box....
These 2 delectable darlings came into my loving arms a little while ago!

While I have tons of love for them....AHHH, the memories of sitting on this phone for endless hours with my friends, or trying to quick dial the radio station to request a song, I had that spinner going so fast, or covering the end so that I could whisper to my friend, or thanking the heaven's when that 50ft cord came out so I could hide in the bathroom and talk more in private!!! So much FUN!

C'mon....I have to make them Magnificent....

When I got home and plugged them in....they worked perfectly!!

Here is how I vamped them up...




How preposterous are these??
I chalk painted them with van Gogh Fossil Paint, #1 in Confidence Blue and #2 in van Gogh Blue, I then sealed them in with shellac for that authentic shine!

YOUR WELCOME, every single thrift store in the world for making your old rotary phones fly off the shelves! 
By the way...if you want to give me a ring on this line call 867-5309, ask for Jenny!

Just look how awesome that phone is sitting on the side tables!!

This set up....Crazy Cool!!

Here is your before & after picture for your Pinterest boards...

What do you think??

Super Love,


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