Rollin With The Tide Aqua Roll Top Desk


Look what found it's way to me....THANK YOU CHARLA.....a vintage roll top desk in MINT condition!!

  The roll top rolls as smooth as buttah!!

Although the world loves creams and whites...this desk was SCREAMING COLOR!!!

I chalk painted the desk with van Gogh Fossil Paint in a custom color created by my colleague Annie of Cougar Chic Decor. It's a true Aqua she named Surfers Dream. I added my custom Coral Is The Moral to just the tips of the chair, the bottom of the desk and.... the inside of the drawer!

 I didn't stop there.....I used van Gogh Antiquing Glaze on the entire piece for that time worn elegance!
The pictures just don't do it justice!

 I HAD to add a graphic!!
This one is from my favorite place on earth, Graphics Fairy and it's from an 1880's Type Book!! WH-AT???
How Cool!

 I know this color will go in any home, it stands out just enough for you to hug it daily but blends in just right!

Here is the before & after for your Pinterest boards

What do you think?

Super Love,


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