Fresh Little Teal Cabinet

I scooped this little cabinet at the local thrift shop....

SO cute right? In fact so cute a fellow thrift store go-er tried to offer me $10 above asking price because he wanted this cabinet to hold cook books. I politely declined as I saw the potential in this one!

Here is what I did....

OH WHAT??!!!
First I chalk  painted the outside with van Gogh Fossil Paint in Carter Teal...YES, I was liking that! Then I painted the inside in Bole browny/red....Hmmm, it was looking to farm-y for me, I did like the punch of Wheat King Yellow in the drawer though.

After literally holding every color in the line up to this piece Patina screamed with glee to be a part of this marriage!
I officiated the marriage!
Man Alive, what a beautiful combination, it feels SO Fresh, yet modern YET a retro type feeling as well...

I used a feed sack with a name stencil on the glass.

THEE perfect touch I think!

What a perfect little cabinet to hold blankets, pillows, chatskis or even cookbooks in!

Here is the before & after for your Pinterest boards

What do you think??

Super Love for stopping by,



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