Childen's Wish Foundation Gala Donations Lockers and more...

In case you didn't family had a "Wish" given to us!

My daughter was born with Kidney Disease, at age 2 had liver cancer, and when she was 8 years old I donated my kidney to her, and she is currently Diabetic. We have had many a challenge in our home!
My daughter was granted a wish from The Children's Wish Foundation when she was about 2 years old. Meaning we could take a trip anywhere we wanted to go in the world and this fantastic foundation would pay for it. INCREDIBLE!!!
We wanted to wait until Mya was old enough to understand her wish before we used it. I donated my kidney to her when she was 8 years was one heck of a miracle! I will spare you the 10000 pages of complications she has had in her 22+ surgeries, if it's rare it has happened to us! After transplant we encountered some complications and was just plain having a hard time with life! At this time I thought we NEED that wish sooner then later! We NEED some FUN injected into our lives. We received our wish. We went to Atlantis Bahamas for 7 was the most fun our family has EVER had! You cannot NOT have fun in Atlantis! This trip let us, play, laugh and be revived. It changed our lives really, the timing couldn't have been better!
Here is the great karma husband had a close friend around his early 20's-later 30's, and life just took them in different directions. We later found out that his friend Darin actually paid for our Wish Trip!! OH WHAT???? YES, Goosebumps! He competes in extreme athletic events and raises money then donates it to Children's Wish Foundation! Here is his website, Go donate! What a story!!
Years pass, we carry on,  and I find art! Yes that's right I find van Gogh Fossil Paint and the always supportive Kathy van Gogh and I take off! It's my turn to give back!
I'm donating some of my pieces to be auctioned off at a 700ppl Gala for Children's Wish Foundation.

Here is what I am donating.....

 A vintage 2 door school locker set with a BREATHTAKING Graphic! This graphic is courtesy of The Graphic's Fairy it's from an 1880's Typography Book!!! She's fearless yet taking in the moment. Wild & Free.
I free handed the quote on the top, it just seemed so fitting with the graphic! I chalk painted the lockers with van Gogh Fossil Paint in a custom mix of 2 blues on the outside and kept it Halo White on the front.
This is MY personal favorite graphic of ALL time!

I Antique Glazed the Blue.....SWOON.....

I painted the inside in van Gogh Zepplin Grey!

Here is the before & after...

Also in the donations is this spectacular dresser! 
This one is chalk painted in van Gogh Fossil Paint Chivalry Grey and has a french advertisement from a department store on an antique ribbon on the front and solid glass knobs to finish it off!

French Typography Specimen from an Antique French Type Book - See more at:
Here is the inside..

Here is the before & after...

AND....These beauties!
 Each piece is an antique music sheet title page and they have to be seen in person to be appreciated.

 Seriously Gorgeous!

AND...... This Vintage Window

And this one's colored now, I just don't have a current picture!!

I Hope that all of these pieces raise a gazillion dollars.....TeeHee! 
I completely adore this foundation and I don't think the average person can understand until they are on the receiving end how extraordinary they are!
They changed our lives in the most fun way!



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