Furniture Make-up Class Fun-O-Rama...

Did you know that van Gogh Fossil Paint has a few different lines of products?! We have a Metallic line that is s-t-u-n-n-i-n-g, and then we have a furniture make-up line that is unbelievable fun to play with!

I'm going to share last nights  furniture make-up class WhoopWhoop!

We started out with the van Gogh Paint Crackle.....
And Your Little Dog Too (Red) under Muse (hint of Green) OHLaLa Farmhouse Chic.... And this isn't even the full effect! By morning it will be even better.....Yipee!

 SO many different ways to use our Antique Glaze

 The embossing plaster kicks some serious arse!!!
I did the postage and feathers...

My sweet student did this piece that looks and felt like many ways to pump up a piece with this plaster!

Ahhhh, Luminous Eyeshadow.....that perfect champagne shimmer! This is only 2 ways to use it!

Furniture Frosting? YES PLEASE!
The top of this one is our Moon Glaze. The suave silver glaze, and the bottom is our pearl finish with different colors of, giddy goosebumps!!!!

  Again, Mr. Suave Moon Glaze through a stencil and the finish is our wax....Honestly Kissable!!!!

This was my piece!

This was my student's piece!
Yup....we kissed it!

Contact me for a booking time to take this class and use all these techniques on your furniture pieces!



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