van Gogh Fossil/Chalk Paint ANNOUNCEMENT!

ME.....Jenny of Ava Blake Creations and Annie of Cougar Chic Décor both in Alberta Canada have designed this round of the van Gogh Limited Edition Colors! We are in love with life, and have an infatuation with making it all about fun! You only get one life to live you know?! We chose these colors based on feelings of entertaining! We named each one after specialty cocktails…how fun is that?! READ ON...

Sweet Sage Fizz

I’m not normally a green kind of gal but there is something about this soft, inviting green that invokes a calming, comfy feeling for me. I have built, lived in and flipped 8 homes in 13 years and 4 of those homes had this very color in my master bedroom. I paired it with all white accessories ~Swoon~ It was my retreat at the end of every day, paired with a sweet cup of tea and I adored it.  I chose this color to invoke that very feeling but this time with your furniture or accessories. How beautiful would bedroom furniture be in this color, or bottles on a tray on your living room table? So inviting! Grab a Sweet Sage Fizz and play on lovelies…

Coral Bellini

Coral is the moral right? I chose this color when I was training with Kathy van Gogh, she helped me create this exact shade. I’ve always been drawn to the beach, again for comfort and rejuvenation. I imagined this color on furniture pieces to invoke the feeling of having fun, laughing and entertaining all the while living Oceanside. I don’t live near any beaches or the ocean so I Imagine this color on a dresser in your dining room topped with frozen Bellini’s, appetizers and with a room full of friends and family, simply enjoying life. If it should be too bold for you, guess what?  van Gogh Cashmere and Patina play very well with Coral. Go on, sip on this sweet Coral Bellini!

Mint Julep

Besides the fact that we are always being asked how to mix up colors to achieve the perfect mint, we find it completely cheerful and entertaining! This color for us invokes feelings of satin gowns, dreamy jewels and minty macaroons. Does that sound like the perfect theme for an afternoon tea party around your Mint sideboard or perhaps a dinner party sitting around your adoring kitchen on Mint barstools? We think so! There are so many ways to incorporate this color into so many different palettes. Guess what? It plays divinely with the van Gogh Liquid Metals Metallic line as well! Pass me a Mint Julep Please!

Dark Chocolate Martini

We wanted the perfect shade of Black/Brown. This colour is RICH, warm and sumptuously dark.  You can mix it with the van Gogh Fossil paints but why not just open a can and play. This color invokes richness of life to us. What a rich looking top of a dining room table this would be or the perfect gentleman of a trunk in your living room. You can’t keep your hands off of it. Dip into this Dark Chocolate Martini.

Van Gogh Metallic

This stunner is a limited color to the van Gogh Liquid Metal Metallic Line. This color is captivating, you have to stop and touch it! You can turn any piece into your own kind of jewellery. Can you see it on your nightstands in your boudoir, on a side table in your entertaining nook, even on your desk in your office? We are not going to lie, we kissed it!  Go on try some Glamour on…

We feel that these are the hawt colors that our clients are asking for! We know you will enjoy them!

Jenny & Annie

What Do You Think??



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