How To Age a Brand New Door....Step by Step

I LOVE Old doors, I just don't have the space to store them....and good thing because I would collect them until my hearts content!
I have had some really cool doors in the past, like a 5 panel 1940's in house swing door that sold to a client as a headboard! BEASTLY heavy but super cool!
This time I wanted to try my hand at making brand new 5 panel doors look old! I did two doors in different ways.
Here is the before pic...

Firstly, come and buy some van Gogh Fossil Paint Embossing Plaster from me.....TeeHee.....shameless plug....but seriously it's the greatest product!
I used our embossing plaster through this 'tin tile' looking stencil....stencil courtesy of Muddaritaville.

 I did all 5 panels on the door...
So Pretty.... I had the door outside in the sunshine....about 17 degrees Celsius here. I let the embossing plaster dry. It took about an hour or so.

Another shameless plug....Come and grab some van Gogh Fossil Paint in Zepplin Grey from me as well....Then paint the entire door in it.
My bad....this pic is of the other side of the door.... Brain Fart in the picture department!

 I then covered all the Zepplin Grey with van Gogh First Kiss Pink, covering the entire door.

I distressed the pink back to the grey over the entire door and all over the embossing plaster....really it's down to personal preference on how much and where you want the distressing!

Now for the OoohLaLa....I used our van Gogh Antiquing Glaze over the entire door to give it that worn in feel! WhoopWhoop!

Here is a close up of the door.....

I added the cast iron doorknob.

I'm super happy with the way this door turned out, I'm not gonna deny...I hugged it!
I would lean this door in my dining room and hang some art from it, or hang a clock on it... or use it as a headboard.....Oh the ideas!

Go on, try it.....let me know how it goes.....share!
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