Wednesday, 26 November 2014

1940's Vintage Perfume Label Lockers

Hello Hello!
Do you remember my 1940's lockers makeover? Click HERE to see the post!
I had 3 sets of 3, and they came right out of the school in Nobleford Alberta Canada. The first set I recreated with an Antique Beehive Clothing ad. The second set was a custom piece I did for a family (post to be at a later date).
 THIS, this is my 3rd and final set.

Here were the lockers as they came to me... I LOVE how they are only 5ft tall....people were not that big back in the 1940's!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Wine Crate & Ice Bucket Christmas Trees

It's the MOST WONDERFUL time if the year!!! Beside the first day of school! HAHA!
I had a desire to decorate Christmas trees this year....although I do not need 5 trees in my house!!
Here is what I created....