1940's Vintage Perfume Label Lockers

Hello Hello!
Do you remember my 1940's lockers makeover? Click HERE to see the post!
I had 3 sets of 3, and they came right out of the school in Nobleford Alberta Canada. The first set I recreated with an Antique Beehive Clothing ad. The second set was a custom piece I did for a family (post to be at a later date).
 THIS, this is my 3rd and final set.

Here were the lockers as they came to me... I LOVE how they are only 5ft tall....people were not that big back in the 1940's!

Here is what I envisioned them to look like...

This SENSATIONAL Vintage Perfume Ad came from the ever wonderful Graphics Fairy!!
I chalk painted these lockers with van Gogh Fossil Paint Patina...to.die.for. Blue and the Perfume Label I did in Black and Teal.

I painted the inside of the lockers in VG Carter Teal to match the words on the front....YES, I like it to balance with my eyes!!

I added some MDF wood to the sides of these lockers as they were a middle piece in between two other lockers. The MDF wood braces it well and makes it all the more sturdy!

This set was missing a few handles so I decided to take the remaining off and add the cast iron Blue door knobs. -->KAPOW<--

Here they are all ready to sit in your entrance!

What do you think, Huh? Huh?

Super LOVE


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