Wine Crate & Ice Bucket Christmas Trees

It's the MOST WONDERFUL time if the year!!! Beside the first day of school! HAHA!
I had a desire to decorate Christmas trees this year....although I do not need 5 trees in my house!!
Here is what I created....

I had this galvanized steel vintage bucket laying around, so I bolted it to an oak stool and used it as an ice beer tub all Summer long. True Story.
The seasons changed and I had an idea!
I painted the bucket and stool in van Gogh Liquid Metal 'Speak Now' Silver Metallic
Add a sweet little tree...Check
Battery operated lights...Check
Burlap garland...Check
Simple clear crystals....Check & Mate!!!

 I LOVED the sweet trees for indoor, outdoor, for an office or a bedroom....ANYWHERE really!

This actual vintage mini tree had me at hello!! I decorated her up, but decided that she didn't need lights....that way I can showcase her vintage beauty! She moved into this adorable French crate....

I repeated the first steps but  placed this tree in a vintage wine crate.....Oooh Ahhhh
Lit up and just simple

and finally, this little tree called out for some Holiday Red Burlap, with lights, and crystals in a burlap wrapped vase...
THANK YOU Graphics Fairy  for the Bee & Wreath design....

Here they are in their holiday family pictures...

 What do you think??

P.S. The table & trunk are more stunning graphics from Graphics Fairy...BUT their stories are for another time!!


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