Monday, 24 February 2014

Beach Baby Dresser...

THIS is post #2 from the sister from another mister....Remember? If not here is the link, Click Here

I had two dressers, both petite, antique and sweet. Sisters from another mister? YES, I think so!
Here she is when she left the prairies...Dried out & tired!

Sunday, 16 February 2014

French Architectural Dresser

Hello Hello,

I LOVE little dressers! The Antique dressers that were made smaller, you know the cute ones? Like this one....

SO SWEET! You can add any mirror or shelf to the top....

I actually have 2 little dressers in my possession! TeeHee. 
Sisters from another mister?! I'd say so. Stay tuned for the post on this dressers sister in the next week!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Rollin With The Tide Aqua Roll Top Desk


Look what found it's way to me....THANK YOU CHARLA.....a vintage roll top desk in MINT condition!!

  The roll top rolls as smooth as buttah!!

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Retro Rotary Phones, van Gogh Style!


2 kickass posts in one day?
Uh, Ya...I'm THAT excited!!!

Let's clarify....there is nothing you can't use van Gogh Fossil Paint on AND with this color palette, you WANT to put it on EVERYTHING!!

I've done it again.....jumped head first out of the box....
These 2 delectable darlings came into my loving arms a little while ago!

While I have tons of love for them....AHHH, the memories of sitting on this phone for endless hours with my friends, or trying to quick dial the radio station to request a song, I had that spinner going so fast, or covering the end so that I could whisper to my friend, or thanking the heaven's when that 50ft cord came out so I could hide in the bathroom and talk more in private!!! So much FUN!

C'mon....I have to make them Magnificent....

Back In Black Nesting Tables

Hello Lovelies,

Look what I scooped up recently....cute nesting tables, although they are missing their 3rd table for a complete set...I was all over it!! I am also a sucker for nesting tables...

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Pulled From The Ruins...Ancient Music Sheets

Have you seen the Sunken Treasure Bottles I created? You can see the post Read It HERE.

Have I inspired you with the van Gogh Ancient Plaster on my Sunken Treasure Bottles??
Here is another project I did with the Ancient Crackle Plaster.....

I had this wrapping paper sitting in a tub for about a year......YES a year!!

FINALLY it spoke to me....
The wrapping paper is a bunch of different antique music title pages.
I ripped them apart and glued them to canvas, I then added the ancient plaster to all the parts open to the canvas. I used the van Gogh Antiquing Glaze to time ware the pieces.


I really wanted them to feel like they were chizzled out of a stone or found in an ancient tomb!!

Here are all 4 of them....each a different title page...

I'm SOOO happy with the way they turned out....every day I look at them on my studio wall I feel a little bit like I'm transported to another time!!

These Stunners are for sale, you can see them on my facebook page. Click here... Facebook/Ava Blake Creations

What do you think??

Super Love,

Monday, 3 February 2014

Chair Love Affair Class 2014

Did you know I teach classes on how to use van Gogh Fossil Paint Products and techniques!?
I do, and I LOVE it, there honestly isn't enough hours in a day for me to work!!
This past weekend I taught a chair love affair class. I have the chairs and supplies and you come and learn how to paint it with a certain technique, I also teach you the easiest way to graphic transfer, you then seal it and take the chair home.
Whoop Whoop! 
Who can't use a single chair?? It's PERFECT in an entrance, book nook, bedroom to hold your sweaters, or even your front porch!

Here is the before picture of the vintage chair...
Beautiful already right?!