Wednesday, 30 December 2015

2015 In Review For Ava Blake Creations

Hello Lovelies,

WHOA...Time? Wait for me....
This totally rang true for me this year!

Just in these last 365 days I have managed to:
KAPOW... Happy Jig, Grow and Change, Dance more and...
Co-host not one but TWO incredible vintage markets and they were very successful to boot! One of them was at a huge venue with 20,000 people coming through the doors.
Not only did we coordinate 32 different vendors, we also did all the marketing, and I still managed to have a 20-30 foot booth FULL of my own  Handmade Ava Blake Creations!!
Myself and my partner (The Alberta Dames) were on the Global Calgary Morning News talking about our vintage market and our tin tile stencils. YAHOOO
We (The Alberta Dames) Did not one but two live 20 minute demos on how to create our faux tin tiles, and I didn't choke or die during the live demo!
We (The Alberta Dames) were interviewed live on Country 105 FM Calgary about how amazing our vintage market was AND I knocked it outta the park!
We donated $500 to the Airdrie Food Bank from a portion of our vintage market ticket sales.
I partnered to design and brought to life a stencil line that includes a faux tin tile collection....our own friggen stencil line!!!! Faux.Tin.Tiles!!!!!!!!
I co-created a glaze line, The Alberta Dames Furniture Glazes.
I made a huge career move and it was all worth it! I LOVE working with The FAT Paint Co. Amazing business! Thank You to Victoria for her support during that scary yet exciting time. I couldn't have done it without you!
I was featured in Connecticut Living Magazine  Click HERE to see the article page 25, right side, half page!!!
I was featured on Buzz Feed Espanol Click HERE to see it
I was featured on Hometalk numerous times. Hometalk is a HUGE DIY website Click HERE to see my posts
I was featured on Graphics Fairy numerous times. Graphics Fairy Site HERE
I was in my local paper and local magazine for my Adirondack Chair for charity Click HERE for Magazine article Click HERE for paper article
I taught a TON of students how to properly use Fat Chalk Style Paint, create Tin Tiles, Glaze and graphics transfer! BAM! I super love teaching and igniting peoples passions!
I turned 40....years wiser!! Numbers don't really matter to me I still feel young wild and crazy!
I've moved past some old friends and gained some amazing new ones!
I've chronically created  and with a bliss-filled smile on my face!
I've deflected the haters and Na Sayers.....gawd they really do suck! Good thing I'm comment/opinion proof!
I've grown as an artist as well, in mastering new techniques. YAHOO!
I've enjoyed and felt every minute of this wild year!
I made another career move to another AMAZING company. I LOVE Fusion Mineral Paint and their amazingly run company. Jennilynn The President of Homestead House Paint Co. believed in and loved our Alberta Dames Stencil Line and chose to carry the tin tile line First, and before either of us was even carrying the Fusion Line. Heart Bursting Gratitude!
I now retail thee two BEST products on the DIY market. Seriously....I've tried all the other products to make sure I was going with the best! I don't piss around ya know!
I found Scotch....Oh Yes I Did....It's still a taste in trials but I have a few favorites already!! "...I like a scotch old enough to order it's own scotch"
I've learned so many new skills this year and I am eager to learn more!
I also enjoyed my kiddies growing, changing and maturing another year older. Watched my littlest one grow into a cool hockey player (rarely missed a game!)
This 2016 is going to be a stellar year for Ava Blake Creations! I have so many ideas and directions to go. I'm ready and open.
This is only my business year....I did have a personally awesome year as well!
I cannot THANK YOU, my followers enough for always supporting me on this wild fearless creative journey!
I also have to shout out to my girlfriends, the ones who are my family. They support me in any area I go...crazy or not...they cheer me on, give me endless encouragement, all the all night chatting, and they offer to help in any way they can!  My know who you are and I love you!
One last shout my partner in crime...Annie A.K.A the other half of The Alberta Dames. Without her I couldn't burst through the clouds and touch the sky. The Alberta Dames are kicking Ass and meaning it! LOOK out 2016! more shout out to my Husband....YAHOOOO we are still married...and HAPPY, and children for their incredible support...and lack of complaining for having to eat take out food, or living with a messy kitchen because "I'm in the studio!" HaHaHa!
Super Gratitude and Cheers my lovelies, see you in 2016!

Super Love

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Giant Anchor Painted Lockers

Hello Hello Lovelies!

You know furniture is my canvas for art and I LOVE LOVE old lockers! 
I found these 4 cube lockers on my local swap and buy site. Just plain old lockers!

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Wood Fence Indoors? YES!

Hello Lovelies!!

This is just a little post to show you an idea of what to do with a piece of old wood fence!
I found two pieces of an old farm fence during one road trip I was on.
I love the look of the outdoors in PLUS it gives the space SO much character!

I placed the 2 pieces in my very large entrance. I decorate them seasonally.
This particular picture I have them together in the corner. The sign hanging on the fence is one that I made and it has one of my favorite quotes on it "Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love".
The mirror I purchased about 10 years ago from a garage sale and re-painted it.

Beside the fence is a table from The Banff Springs Hotel and I actually left it unpainted.....I know right? Me owning something not re-painted, it's true and I love it!
 I added my own champagne and pink Christmas decor and BAM I have an adorable entrance.

What do you think?

Super Love

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

~RATED R~ Profanity Typography

Hello Hello Lovelies!

As you know I'm pretty fearless when it comes to trying new things!
I absolutely LOVE vintage ladies and have used them in graphics many many times over the years.

Perhaps it's been the sleepless nights, too much coffee, being a tad bit flustered throughout a day or just plain brilliant on my brain's part...or maybe my true feelings....BUT As I was once again making some of my Christmas and Vintage Lady canvases I thought to funny would it be to write down what her facial expression really means!

-------->NOT FOR SMALL EYES<--------


For Example, I feel like this famous woman was simply taking a break and enjoying her cigarette shaunda comes up and says " oh my gawd I love that necklace, can I borrow it?"
 and her response....

Totally what she is thinking...

These little canvases look so pretty in a decorative stand...

They also blend well with any decor or in any room...

 Did you even notice it in the first pic??

 Here are some more.....

Hey, Do you know any One Direction?

Excuse me ma'am can you move your crown slightly to the left?

Ernestine, did I ask you to dust this buffet?

A total favorite....

and finally
...ya know what? 

I have so many more and I actually cannot stop making them.... 
I laugh right out loud to everyone that I create!
These are available to purchase and have been selling as the BEST girlfriend/BFF gift EVER!

What do you think?
Super Love

Friday, 13 November 2015

Faux Tin Tile Buffet

Hello Hello!

I am SO EXCITED about this post... I really pulled out the stops on this one!

I scooped up this bow front vintage buffet from a vintage market. It was grey...nice but just blended in plain grey.
 I actually had it sitting in my studio for a few months. None of my ideas seemed to fit the piece....color choice and graphic design....a thousand ideas but none seemed to fit it perfectly. 
Then BAM, like a lightening bolt it came to me.....
Here is her before picture with a half cream paint job...

Monday, 17 August 2015

Custom Antique Postcard Table and Chair Set

Hello Lovelies!

This has been thee most FUN custom job I've done in a long time!
 My client approached me with an idea to do a custom vintage postcard on a table that she had in the family. 
See what I did....

Friday, 17 July 2015

Old School Ava Blake Classic Perfume Label Dresser

Hello Lovelies!
You may notice lately that I am kickin it a little old school!
I'm feeling the need to get back to my roots if you know what I mean!

Funnily...HAHAHA that word makes me laugh every time I say it...go on...say it!
Anyways, just as I'm nesting down to get back to my roots a waterfall dresser finds me...I first did a crazy huge graphic on a waterfall dresser years ago, click THIS LINK to see it.
Here she is all ready for her transformation...

Monday, 6 July 2015

Twice Re-created Trunk

Hello Hello!
Firstly I want to tell you that I am always heart bursting grateful that you guys & gals tune in to see what I have been up to!
I have been insanely busy and I plan to blog all about it in the next month! SO many wonderful things going on over here.

I recently co hosted one of our 2 yearly vintage markets and had many many things o showcase, then my phone went into recovery mode and reset...insert balling...I lost ALL the before pictures to ALL of my projects!! Less of a BAM factor for sure but none the less I will still post the after shots that I have.

This was a terrible old looking trunk when it hit my studio floor.
I recreated it for the vintage market in a soft ice blue and white with some silver arrows. Sweet and nice but no one wanted it...

Friday, 3 July 2015

Co-Host to The Alberta Dames Vintage Market 2015

Goodness, it has been to long since we posted! 
I have been BUSY!

As you might know I am the second half of The Alberta Dames, and We hosted our Spring Market this June 6th, 2015 at Beautiful Vintage Balzac Hall, in Balzac Alberta Canada just outside Calgary Alberta.
Click the READ MORE to see all the details...

Our hearts burst with gratitude from our fans/clients/customers that are willing to line up all day long just to get in to support us!

and BAM, they were excited to shop...

Here is our list of vendors that participated in our show and some pictures of their amazing creations...

Always Sunny
Ava Blake Creations
Crafted Artisan Truck
Cougar Chic Decor
Brok Boys
Off the Top Creations
City and the Sticks Designs
Splinters & Shards
Nooks Design
Barnstorm Creations
Bunky & Marie's Consignment Boutique
Polka Dot Creek
the art of Lauren Cowles
Barb's Bears
Sam & Nat
Buttercream Clothing
Sweet Serendipity
Deb's Designs~Jewelery
Krazy Moose Tents & Gear
For The Birds
Reclaimed Antique Designs - RAD
Two Girls Redesigning Life
Leanne Montpetit, Kreative Evolution Welding Art
All Through The House and Red Barn Mercantile
Pink City Soaps & Knits
Sweet Serendipity
Sparkling Dahlia
For The Birds
Seven Saints
Sublime Couture
Wilks Booth Food Truck
Sticky Ricky's Food Truck





 Mobile Vendors are awesome!!

These elegant and unique creations are from Annie of Cougar Chic AND one part of The Alberta Dames

And the second half of The Alberta Dames is Jenny of Ava Blake Creations. Her treasures are Stunning and one-of-a-kind

We want to THANK every single person that came out to show us support on this crazy beautiful creative journey!
We could not have done an incredible job on our show without the help from our many volunteers, and from the Airdrie Food Bank volunteers you all know who you are and we THANK YOU!

Stay Tuned lovelies, our next show will be in the Fall of 2015, dates to be announced!

Super Love,
Jenny & Annie
The Alberta Dames

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Golden Starfish and Friends

Hello Hello!
It certainly has been a while since I posted. 
I always THANK YOU for your continued support Ava Blakers!

Here is a really FUN project to do!

I scooped up these starfish from a garage sale! I'm sure you can find some at Dollar Stores as well.
 I LOVE LOVE LOVE beach decor, especially living here in Alberta where beaches are far and few! I knew exactly what I was going to do with these....

Friday, 20 March 2015

Ava Blake Creations Studio Painted Stairs

Hello Hello!
If you follow me, then  you know that there isn't much I haven't chalk painted with the van Gogh Fossil Paint.

I have three stairs that come down into my studio and, snore bore....they could use some pizzazz-ing!
Yes, I did....
I painted them!!!

I chalk painted them with van Gogh Fossil Paint in Revenge Black and Chalk White!
I then free hand drew (YES, I'm a font whore) the little sayings...
~~Why Not Sing, Sip Some Wine And Create Beautiful Things~~


On the inner step I used various stencils for the designs.
The feather and tin tile looking stencil I helped design for Muddaritaville Stencils, the doily is bought from Walmart, and the bottom design elements are from Studio van Gogh.

--> BAM <--
I LOVE them and so does everyone else who walks into my studio!!
The sky is the limit on what you can create with this paint!

Super Love

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Big and Chunky Dresser RE-CREATION not one but two!!

I Like 'em Big...I Like 'em Chunky....
Remember these HUGE chunky bedroom sets we had as kids?  Did I just date myself? This particular dresser I remember...I think I had the matching waterbed that went with it!!
As much as I can change a piece by just painting it this Mirror kept on screaming 80's!
See what I did to Re-Create this piece.....
Dresser #1

Monday, 2 February 2015

Waterfall Buffet To Liquor/Entertaining Cabinet

Hello Hello! It has been a while since I last blogged! EEEK!
You know that I've certainly been busy though!!

I scooped up a circa 1920 Waterfall Buffet, really a plain piece.  THIS is my only before pic...DARN you excitement for making me forget to take a before pic!
Crazy hardware hey?!

This pic is the closest style I could find but not the original of my piece! Mine was WAY more plain and yellow-ish.