Big and Chunky Dresser RE-CREATION not one but two!!

I Like 'em Big...I Like 'em Chunky....
Remember these HUGE chunky bedroom sets we had as kids?  Did I just date myself? This particular dresser I remember...I think I had the matching waterbed that went with it!!
As much as I can change a piece by just painting it this Mirror kept on screaming 80's!
See what I did to Re-Create this piece.....
Dresser #1

I chalk painted this dresser with van Gogh Fossil Paint in Cashmere Cream.
Mom...Honey did you touch mommies dresser I'm painting?
Jax...NO...well maybe...I touched it!
Mom...HAHAHA the evidence is in the little hand print left on the dresser! matter how elegant the dresser now looks, THAT mirror screams EIGHTIES!
 SO...I covered the mirror with little pieces of pine!
WhoopWhoop what a change already....YES!
Although all along my husband, who cut the pieces for me, was NOT getting the design at all.
 He just kept on cutting for me! He is great that way!

I then used the van Gogh Antique Glaze over all the wood slats.
Wine totally helped with this step BTW!


It TOTALLY turned out how I saw it in my head! I LOVE when that happens!

 I wanted this recreated piece to still be used as a dresser, a hutch or for storage. I think the ornate mirror adds the perfect touch AND as a bonus you can also use the wood part as a pin board for daily reminders or to hang pictures from! 

Here is the Before & After for your Pinterest Boards

Dresser #2

I FOUND another one....

IN THE NAME OF SUMMER....This one I chalk painted with van Gogh Chalk White...who doesn't LOVE a crisp White?!
I washed the wood on this one with a soft bliss blue. I also painted the drawer sides in the same mind always has to balance in ways like that!
The circle mirror makes for a perfect beachy feel!
Bring on the beach!

Here is the Before & After for your Pinterest Boards

What do you think?

SUPER LOVE for stopping by


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