Golden Starfish and Friends

Hello Hello!
It certainly has been a while since I posted. 
I always THANK YOU for your continued support Ava Blakers!

Here is a really FUN project to do!

I scooped up these starfish from a garage sale! I'm sure you can find some at Dollar Stores as well.
 I LOVE LOVE LOVE beach decor, especially living here in Alberta where beaches are far and few! I knew exactly what I was going to do with these....

I grabbed my van Gogh Fossil Paint in the Mint Julep Colour and the van Gogh Liquid Metal Metallics in Wedding Band Gold. Let the FUN begin...

I painted one star fish in the Liquid Metal Wedding Band Gold...OOH LaLa, and the other starfish in the Mint Julep colour!

She's sitting here in all her glory, on my vintage tea tray on my coffee table trunk! 

And she has friends...
Meet van Gogh Blue Metallic, and Coral Bellini.
She is happily brightening my bathroom in a crate on the wall!

Meet Speak Now Silver and Ice Baby Ice Blue.
Together in a bliss filled marriage!

Meet Honeymoon, Champagne Coloured Metallic and Bliss Blue
THAT colour combo....BAM!

 and to top off the list of girlfriends.....To The Bride White Metallic and Starry Night Navy Blue!
OH What A Party!!

I LUV the van Gogh Products and these colour combos are seriously Brilliant!
What do you think?

Super Love


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