Twice Re-created Trunk

Hello Hello!
Firstly I want to tell you that I am always heart bursting grateful that you guys & gals tune in to see what I have been up to!
I have been insanely busy and I plan to blog all about it in the next month! SO many wonderful things going on over here.

I recently co hosted one of our 2 yearly vintage markets and had many many things o showcase, then my phone went into recovery mode and reset...insert balling...I lost ALL the before pictures to ALL of my projects!! Less of a BAM factor for sure but none the less I will still post the after shots that I have.

This was a terrible old looking trunk when it hit my studio floor.
I recreated it for the vintage market in a soft ice blue and white with some silver arrows. Sweet and nice but no one wanted it...

It was time to recreate it...again...
I chalk painted it with my new FAT Paint in Pewter Gray, then did a FAT White Glaze AND a Fat Black Glaze for that perfect time worn look!

I used this stunning graphic from The Graphics Fairy and hand painted it on!

My FAVOURITE look right now is the french grey and white glaze.

I also re-painted the inside of the trunk in a soft brown/grey

What do you think??

THANK YOU for stopping by
Super Love


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